In Conversation with Risk & Insurance: CNA Insurance’s Laura Lapidus on the Risks of Using AI in the Hiring Process

Employers who are utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in their hiring process must be wary about the potential for unconscious bias.
By: | June 1, 2023

With the recent rise in artificial intelligence capabilities, businesses and companies are beginning to utilize the benefits, particularly when it comes to streamlining the employee hiring process.

The ways that artificial intelligence could be used within the hiring process are endless, and as AI continues to develop, new uses are constantly sprouting up, adding more efficiency for employers when screening potential employees.

But while the benefits are vast, the risks can leave employers open to the potential for unconscious bias and discrimination claims brought on by applicants who feel discriminated against by AI tools.

This discussion was brought to RISKWORLD 2023 , hosted in Atlanta in May. Emma Brenner, staff writer/digital producer for Risk & Insurance, sat down with Laura Lapidus, management liability (EPL) risk control director of CNA Insurance, to talk about exactly how AI is being used by employers in the hiring process and the benefits and potential pitfalls of using such tools.

Additionally, Lapidus discussed the risks that coexists alongside the benefits of AI, how employers can ensure they are using AI’s capabilities in a non-discriminatory manner, and what she sees in the future of AI in the hiring process. &


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