Are You an Insurance Carrier Executive to Watch in 2020? Tell Us Why!

Over the years, the Risk & Insurance carriers Executives to Watch have included the likes of Sanjay Godwhani, Brian Duperreault, Grace Meek and Evan Greenberg. Who will be the executives to watch in 2020?
By: | September 4, 2019

Christine Springob, head of sales North America for Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, and a 2019 Executive to Watch

It happens to the best of us; literally.

A new assignment, a promotion, ownership of a product launch that the company is investing in heavily.

It’s what makes an insurance carrier executive an Executive to Watch.

For the past eight years, Risk & Insurance® has profiled these insurance carrier Executives to Watch in our year-end issue.

Allied World’s Faye Cook
A 2019 Executive to Watch

So, how about you?

Are you an executive to watch?

If you’re interested in applying, send us a description of your new role or assignment. Keep the description to a maximum of 500 words, please.

Along with that, send a brief bio and a high-resolution headshot to Dan Reynolds, editor in chief of Risk & Insurance. His email address is [email protected].

We’ll be accepting nominations until September 25, 2019. &

The R&I Editorial Team can be reached at [email protected]

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The R&I Editorial Team can be reached at [email protected]