7 Questions for the CPCU Society’s Chris Hampshire

Like many professional organizations, the CPCU Society has been challenged in recent years by a decreasing membership base. The president-elect of the Society's leadership council has some ideas on how to reverse that trend.
By: | November 18, 2021

In November, Risk & Insurance® sat down with Chris Hampshire, the president-elect of the CPCU Society’s Leadership Council. What follows are his responses on his goals for 2022 and beyond for the Society.

Risk & Insurance: What would you like to accomplish as President?

Chris Hampshire: Our primary goal is to see our Society grow our membership in 2022. The CPCU Society has seen the same challenges that most professional organizations have faced in recent years.

A high number of retirements and other long-term trends have been exacerbated by the pandemic and has led to a decrease in the number of active members. Our goal is to meet at our In2Risk annual conference in San Francisco next November and be able to proudly say that we have grown.

R&I: What are your top priorities during your term?

CH: Engaging with industry employers so they see the return on investment of having their employees become active CPCU Society members, getting our members more directly involved in our global Committees and Interest Groups, and having our Society work with other organizations to help attract new industry professionals are my top 3 priorities.

R&I: How can the CPCU Society become more diverse and inclusive?

CH: Our Society has pushed to invite more and more professionals of all kinds to join us since I first became a member in 2010. Recent initiatives include the formation of the global IDEA Committee to launch diversity and inclusion efforts, webinars and podcasts talking about the need for inclusivity, and showcasing members with diverse backgrounds.

Our industry has a great mission – we help people and organizations recover in their time of need. Insurance is the oil that helps the engine of commerce run.

Being a diverse and inclusive group is one of the key goals of our recently released 3-year strategic plan.

R&I: What are your strategies around growing membership?

CH: We have just released updated membership categories that are designed to attract more professionals to our ranks. The new Pathways category allows industry professionals to join the Society as members before they complete their CPCU designation.

We believe that by bringing people into the tent earlier and supporting them as they complete their CPCU designation, we’ll create a deeper and more diverse overall membership.

R&I: How can the CPCU Society position itself for growth and expansion?

CH: The CPCU Society provides leadership, knowledge development, and networking opportunities to our members in a way that benefits them, their clients, and their employers. Communicating that return-on-investment message will be essential.

In addition, working with the other affiliates of The Institutes (CLM, III, Insurance Thought Leadership and others) to promote the CPCU Society to their membership will be a focus in the coming months.

R&I: What are your strategies to engage the next generation of insurance professionals?

CH: Our industry has a great mission – we help people and organizations recover in their time of need. Insurance is the oil that helps the engine of commerce run. We all have to do a better job of communicating those messages to potential new entrants. You can make a great living, develop strong relationships with colleagues and clients, and make a positive and lasting impact on the world in our industry – all at the same time.

R&I: What inspires you?

CH: Professionally, I’m inspired by my friends in the industry who wake up every day and make things happen that have a tangible positive impact on our world. I see creative and positive things every day in the scope of my work as well as on LinkedIn and other sites that motivate me. Personally, my two children inspire me to be a better person every day.

New Categories of Membership Drive Continued Growth

As Hampshire mentioned, the CPCU Society has recently expanded membership to include those who haven’t yet earned the designation. Anyone working in the industry, going to school for insurance and risk management, or who has retired from their RMI role is eligible for membership.

Adding new membership categories is a way to help drive the continued growth and diversity of the CPCU Society. There are currently 15,864 members of the CPCU Society, and the five-year plan calls for 10% growth year over year to crest at 25,000 members. &

Abi Potter Clough, MBA, CPCU, is a keynote speaker, author and business consultant focused on Insurtech, leadership and strategy. She has over 15 years of experience at a Fortune 500 company with expertise in P&C claims operational leadership, lean management consulting, digital communications and Insurtech. As the past chair of the International Insurance Interest Group of the CPCU Society, Abi remains involved in many international initiatives and projects. She has published two books about change management and relocation. Abi can be reached at [email protected].

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