2020 Risk All Star: Chris Dunlap

When COVID-19 Misinformation Spread Like Wildfire, This Risk Manager Focused on the Facts

Chris Dunlap, vice president of risk services, HUB International

Chris Dunlap is getting through the pandemic the same way he handles other risks; by protecting the three Ps.

“Our consulting philosophy is to support our clients and employees in protecting what matters to them: people, property and their profitability. We’ve tried to focus on an approach in the documents and information we are putting together for clients,” said Dunlap, vice president of risk services for HUB International.

When COVID-19 hit, HUB International, like many businesses, found itself scrambling to address an unprecedented situation that negatively impacted clients and the organization itself.

In a world that seems to change minute by minute, Dunlap was tasked with creating a Field Readiness Team to help respond to the pandemic.

“Chris was asked by HUB executive management to provide leadership around the pandemic response efforts for HUB. Navigating all of those moving parts while still staying steady to the science of risk management provided what we felt as a very successful reintegration plan,” said Guy Gioino, senior vice president, Risk Services Division, HUB International.

They started by training a cross-functional risk team that included a risk consultant, a human resources representative and someone to handle the administrative side.

“We put together training content and created an assessment checklist. If teams were going to an office before it reopened, they had to address certain things like cleaning, social distancing and barriers. We showed them how to walk through the checklist and showed them what the common issues and solutions are,” Dunlap said.

From inception of the idea to execution, the Field Readiness Team was created in approximately three weeks.

Humbly put by Dunlap: “Putting together the Field Readiness Team process in short order and having it work well was definitely a success.”

“Chris was a great connector between what corporate was looking for and forming a cross-functional team within our own division, as well as others, to come up with a comprehensive and consistent protocol,” Gioino added.

“We are living and learning minute by minute and hour by hour, trying to divest tons of information that is changing. There’s a lot of information that needs to be absorbed but at the same time Chris turned it into guidance and advice.”

Under Dunlap’s leadership and advice, the formation of the Field Readiness Team was as seamless as it could have possibly been in the face of unprecedented crisis.

“As risk managers we ask ourselves, ‘How do we take all these different risks and identify and quantify them and provide the right, specific solutions to prevent or mitigate the adverse impact?’

“Chris has that ingrained in him,” Gioino said. “It’s in his DNA.” &

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