Risk & Insurance News + Notes: Zurich Releases Vaccination Site Strategy, PRMA Launches Philadelphia Chapter & More

A compilation of the latest announcements, partnerships and products that are likely to have an impact on the insurance industry today.
By: | March 16, 2021

Sontiq Announces Acquisition of Cyberscout, Provider of Cyber Products and Services to the Insurance Industry 

Sontiq, a portfolio company of The Wicks Group of Companies, announced its acquisition of Cyberscout. Along with Sontiq’s platforms IdentityForce and EZShield, the acquisition of Cyberscout, will allow Sontiq to “expand into the insurance industry with cyber solutions and forensic investigation products and services.”

Cyberscout offers a wide variety of high-touch services and support, which include a focus on personal and commercial cyber coverage.

Sontiq, which already has an extensive product portfolio, will now have access to the multiple facets of cyber security coverage that Cyberscout provides, including, but not limited to, cyber security education, incident response and resolution services.

“Our common values revolve around a culture of care, making this partnership really special,” commented Jen Leuer, CEO of Cyberscout.

“Together, we not only empower our partners around the world with expert cyber and identity theft protection solutions, we also take seriously our responsibility to work as a team, problem solve, and help others.”

Zurich North America Compiles Risk Strategies Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccination Sites 

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution rolls out in an alarmingly slow start, it’s evident that temporary vaccination sites need to be readily available. To offer property management and risk management insights, Zurich North America issued its new Risk Topic, “Temporary COVID-19 vaccination sites: risk mitigation.”

Zurich’s Risk Topic comes at a time when both local and state governments are looking for private property owner support to set up temporary vaccination sites. The opening of these sites would produce possible changes in building occupancy and ongoing risks.

In the case of opening temporary vaccination sites, the risks vary based on the characteristics for each site, including size, duration of use, accessibility and so on.

Zurich urges that these risks and potential logistical hurdles be thoroughly assessed before a venue transitions to a mass vaccination site. The report says that the overall success of these sites will depend on the collaboration of public health departments, community leaders and so on.

Private Risk Management Association to Launch Philadelphia Chapter 

The Private Risk Management Association (PRMA), a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities for risk management professionals, announced the formation of its new chapter, located in Philadelphia.

Members of a PRMA chapter can access a network of risk management professionals in the high-net-worth space. During the pandemic, PRMA chapters are still able to “engage with peers, collaborate, gain insights from each other and innovate” through once-a-month meetings or webinars.

Colin Williams, chair of the Pennsylvania chapter, shared his excitement about the new chapter.

“When people come together and share their passion about the work they do, they have a much more fulfilling professional career,” Williams said. “Helping individuals and families and being able to develop a close working relationship with my colleagues and peers have always been my passion.”

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers Host Diversity and Inclusion Seminar 

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers (BILTIR) recently hosted a diversity and inclusion training seminar for members on January 26. The goal of the seminar was to address and tackle “unconscious bias in the workplace.”

BILTIR chair Sylvia Oliveira said, “…we learned that it is normal for people to have unconscious biases that run counter to our values. The bad news is that these hidden biases can unintentionally impact decision making, such as hiring or performance reviews. The good news is that once we have awareness, we can use our conscious values to prevent biased decisions.”

The seminar ended with a call to action to the participants: choose a tangible activity to incorporate into their everyday routines that will work to “interrupt unconscious biases.” Participants left the seminar with an enthusiasm and a commitment to look within their own firms to incorporate diversity and inclusion actions. &

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