Rising Star Reid Clary on His Biggest Agriculture Broker Win and Why Kindness in the Industry Is Essential

AssuredPartners' broker Reid Clary talks his introduction to the insurance industry and what to look for in new talent.
By: | August 20, 2021



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Here’s a look at Reid Clary, vice president at AssuredPartners, and a 2021 Agriculture Power Broker winner and Rising Star.

Risk & Insurance: What drew you to a career in insurance? 

Reid Clary: Right out of college, I worked in banking for a year. It didn’t necessarily fit what I wanted to do career-wise, because I was sitting behind a desk all day. I really like talking to people and learning their stories and thought a career that allowed me to do that would be more fitting.

I had an uncle who worked in commercial insurance and asked if he could help me connect with people in the industry, which he did.

What really drew me to a career in insurance was the people. I wanted to meet with people, form connections and help them solve their problems.

R&I: What excites you about being a broker in the agriculture sector? 

RC: I love the clients I work with within the agriculture sector. They’re all good people and have strong core values, which is something I stand for.

I was in the industry for two years when I decided the agriculture sector would be my focus, and I’m glad I made that move. Like I said, the people within the agriculture industry’s values align with mine, but I also just have a strong interest in the sector.

What also excites me is how much I can still learn about the field. I grew up on a farm, but I’m learning new things about agriculture every day, which has been a fun process.

R&I: What has been your most rewarding feat as an agriculture sector insurance broker in the past year?

RC: One of my favorite moments in the past year was landing a large agriculture producer in Wisconsin. It’s my favorite win because of the team approach it took to accomplish it.

We won the account, but it took everyone within our organization to win it, and that’s what made it so fun and memorable.

R&I: What advice would you give to a young professional who is unsure about a career in insurance?

RC: If you’re going to jump, jump in the deep end.

It’s a lot of hard work, especially in the beginning years, but if you’re someone who enjoys competition, connecting with people and finding innovative solutions, then I think it’d be a worthwhile career to pursue.

The core of the industry is wanting to help others.

When you’re receiving calls, it’s because there’s a claim and someone needs assistance. Individuals need to make sure their internal service level is there, because people are looking to you to make sure they’re covered.

R&I: How can the industry better attract new talent?

RC: It’s simple, but I think organizations, especially as many undergo retirements, need to be searching for good people.

Being a good person is something that clients take note of when looking for brokers.

Everyone can learn the industry, but it’ll be a lot harder to teach someone core values or a strong work ethic. Even the hardest of situations, it’s important for professionals to maintain those values.

As my organization continues to grow, we’re keeping this notion top of mind.

At the end of the day, no matter whether we win or lose the business, we just want to ensure that we took care of the customer and did the right thing. &

Emma Brenner is a staff writer with Risk & Insurance. She can be reached at [email protected].

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