Rising Star Chirag Patel’s Challenging but Rewarding Path in Natural Resources Insurance

“Natural resources is a unique and sometimes challenging sector of the commercial insurance space. We must stay up to date on numerous rules and regulations that our clients face.”
By: | January 5, 2024

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Here’s our conversation with Chirag Patel, account executive at CAC Specialty and a 2023 Traditional Energy Power Broker winner.

Risk & Insurance: How did you decide to embark on a career in the insurance industry?

Chirag Patel: Like a lot of others, I “fell into” the insurance industry.

I graduated college in 2010 with a degree in finance and a goal to get into the banking industry, which was still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis. The career path I had always dreamt of did not seem like a stable and viable option.

I took a couple insurance courses in my time at the University of Houston and they piqued my interest, so I decided to pivot to insurance. Zurich was hiring new graduates and was offering a two-month training program at its North American headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois.

I interviewed with multiple groups within Zurich and was ultimately hired by the energy casualty team.

R&I: Can you explain your role at CAC Specialty?

CP: I am an account executive at CAC Specialty, which means I am responsible for maintaining our current book of business and working alongside producers to secure new business. I work on the overall strategy and execution for the property and casualty.

R&I: What sets the natural resources space apart within the insurance sector? And how do you stay abreast of this segment of the industry?

CP: Natural resources is a unique and sometimes challenging sector of the commercial insurance space. We must stay up to date on numerous rules and regulations that our clients face — from governmental agencies, along with ever-evolving underwriting guidelines from our insurance carrier partners.

This requires reading and watching the news daily and meeting with underwriters to gauge how they view the natural resources landscape.

R&I: What do you strive for when it comes to client relations and service?

CP: We view ourselves as an outsourced risk manager for many of our clients that do not employ a formal risk manager. We are stewards of their money and have a duty to get them the best coverage and premium possible.

At CAC, we have stringent guidelines on how quickly certain tasks need to be completed for our clients.

I personally try to make myself available to our clients anytime they need me and respond to any requests the same day.

R&I: What do you find most rewarding about the insurance industry in general and the natural resources segment in particular?

CP: I revel in finding creative solutions for clients that help them manage their business in a more effective way.

The natural resources segment in insurance is tricky, and I find myself asking questions and researching topics daily, which keeps things interesting.

R&I: Who do you see as a mentor and what motivates you to delve further into the industry to continue to develop your skills?

CP: I have had many mentors throughout the years and try to learn something from everyone I work with. I am motivated to develop my skills so I can better help my clients solve their insurance challenges.

I want to also be seen as someone who others look to in difficult situations, and this requires a lot of work in honing your craft.

R&I: What excites you the most about the future of the insurance industry and your role in it?

CP: I think commercial insurance is a people business that will be here for years to come. Technology has certainly helped make us more efficient and gives us access to information in an instant.

However, I am excited that I will always need to sit across from my clients and learn about their business and individual needs. Likewise, I am fortunate enough to be able to cultivate and maintain relationships with the various underwriters, many of whom I consider friends. &

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