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Webinar: Improving Claims Outcomes Through More Effective Adjuster Management

Learn how to help adjusters achieve good results for payers and workers’ compensation claimants.
By: | April 16, 2014




Claims organizations need to solve a number of problems that are impeding adjusters from achieving good results for both payers and workers’ compensation claimants.


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Due to changing regulations, provider consolidation and more – adjusters are overwhelmed and the bottom line is suffering as a result. Too many claims adjusters are so harried and distracted by their workloads that they are not efficiently performing the vital functions of closing claims, getting workers healthy and back to work and freeing up reserves. This is leading to unnecessarily high costs for payers.

Claims organizations need to figure out how to achieve the goals of maximizing provider networks and implementing predictive analytics in a way that will help adjusters do their jobs better, not further overwhelm them.

Expert panelists will address the following talking points:

  • Workload: Taking the adjuster’s workload and work process into account in maximizing the use of provider networks.
  • The Code Problem: The number of federal procedural and diagnostic codes is set to explode in October. How can organizations and adjusters manage this huge increase in complexity?
  • The Use of Data: Using predictive analytics to complement adjuster case management, not impede or replace it.
  • The Adjuster’s Role in Case Management: Getting the best treatment for injured workers, closing claims promptly and getting injured workers back to work sooner.


Download a copy of the slide presentation here.

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

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