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Don’t Forget the ADA! How to Build a Premier Return to Work Program

Learn the types and components of successful return to work programs that incorporate ADA principles.
By: | December 14, 2017



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It’s been almost 9 years since the amended Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law. Yet many companies still struggle to incorporate its provisions in a consistent way across both workers’ compensation and disability programs. Employers may be risking fines and penalties – and, more importantly, doing injured workers a disservice – if they maintain a narrow focus for return to work (RTW) programs.

For a complete and compliant approach, RTW programs must encompass the interactive process, the requirements of the ADA and applicable state statutes that address reasonable accommodations. RTW should be comprehensive, focusing on productivity and restoration of health for all workers impacted by injury and illness – whether occupational or non-occupational.

In a world where time is money, we may want our employees back at work and back to productivity. However, companies that insist on “100 percent recovery” before a worker can come back to work are making a big mistake. Courts will look to punish those who do not engage ADA rules and the interactive process in their analysis of injured or ill employees, whether in a workers’ compensation or other absence scenario.

In this one-hour presentation, partners from Sedgwick and Kohl’s will talk about how to build a stellar return to work program that incorporates ADA principles, and will specifically help you:

  • Learn the types and components of successful return to work programs
  • Explore the vital importance of educating teams across the organization on ways to return employees to work while still satisfying obligations under the ADA
  • Understand the court’s decision in Frazier-White v. Gee, where an employer successfully defended a RTW policy tested under ADA rules

Who should attend this webinar:

Risk Managers
Claims Executives
Safety Managers
Human Resources Executives
Health and Safety Officers


Download a PDF slide deck of the presentation.

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