This Specialty Insurance President Is Placing Value in Solutions

Appointed president of Ironshore North America Specialty, Matt Dolan places his focus on solutions — not just conventional products.
By: | December 22, 2018

When Liberty Mutual acquired Ironshore in 2017, it created the Global Risk Solutions division, where the $2.3 billion business of Ironshore North America Specialty (NAS) lives. And it is here, with NAS, where Matt Dolan has assumed the role of president.

“My responsibilities are to make sure we position NAS as advantageously as possible with both brokers and insureds by combining the specialty product capabilities of Ironshore with the broader product offerings of Liberty Mutual,” said Dolan, who brings more than 30 years’ experience to the position, most recently in the role of president of IronHealth.

Dolan’s experience has prepared him for his new role as NAS president: He joined Ironshore in 2008 and created IronHealth. He also led an array of company-wide strategic initiatives, giving him a “unique exposure and experience in what it takes to build a company in a highly competitive market.”

And specialty is a growing market. Dolan is responsible for the development and distribution of specialty line products across North America, but he said that given the complex and rapidly changing nature of risk, his focus is on solutions — not just conventional products.

“Because we are a business that is deeply committed to the importance and value of specialization, which requires a deep contextual understanding of the market niches we serve, the ability to respond to existing and growing risk requires us to think beyond products and instead has a focus on offering solutions,” he said.

The impact of technology, he added, is one critical risk that needs a deeper look and a solution-oriented approach.

“The challenge with progress is that progress creates new challenges.” There’s a rapid progression of technology that is changing the way a business interfaces with its customers, Dolan explained.

“Sometimes technology acts as the catalyst for expansion and new kinds of risk will present.” &

Autumn Demberger is a freelance writer and can be reached at [email protected].