Buying Workplace Wearables? 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Vendor

The wearable-in-the-workplace industry is booming, with new tech coming out every day. So how can you find the best vendor for your business?
By: | March 12, 2020

While wearables like Apple Watch and Fitbit have become mainstream in consumer settings, wearables are gaining popularity in the workplace, too.

They’re portable, convenient, efficient and can help prevent injuries and perform jobs with greater efficiency.

In fact, the global industrial wearable market reached $1.64 billion in 2018 and is projected to exceed $2.78 billion by 2024 — a 64% increase, according to a report by Research and Markets. 

Still, it’s a relatively new market.

There are established wearable makers with blue-chip clients, as well as startups with little more than working prototypes.

Plus, there are plenty of different types of wearables out there. Some are pager-like devices that sit on a belt, measure ergonomics and alert the user of poor posture. Others are seat belt-like devices that measure movements and create reports. And some are exoskeletons that can help people easily lift heavy objects or grip with superhuman strength.

So how can you find the best vendor for your business?

Ask these 10 questions:

1) How do you protect the worker data and privacy?

2) Are you storing data in the cloud or somewhere else? Is data encrypted and secure?

3) What education does our management team need to get up-to-speed on not only using the wearables but analyzing the reports?

4) Show us some practical applications of your wearable?

5) How has this technology been used in pilot programs and what were the results?

6) Have you worked with clients doing similar operations to our business? 

7) How have workers reacted to using your wearables?

8) Have you ever had a malfunction? If so, what safety precautions did you put in place afterwards to ensure it doesn’t happen again? 

9) Can I turn off any monitoring while employees are off the clock so I don’t face any employment overtime issues?

10) Why is your technology superior to your competitors? 

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Jared Shelly is a journalist based in Philadelphia. He can be reached at [email protected].

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