Willis Towers Watson Broker Michael J. Perron Recognized as a 2019 Utilities Power Broker

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Michael J. Perron, ARM
Power Generation Lead
Willis Towers Watson, New York

Michael J. Perron, Power Generation Lead, Willis Towers Watson

“We own and operate a large cogeneration power plant built nearly 30 years ago,” said one company president. “The generator was working fine, but was old and recommended for replacement.

“A test led the manufacturer to recommend replacement of the stator, which we chose not to do for economic reasons. The property insurers wanted to exclude coverage associated with it. However, most policies tie [generators and turbines] together in their exclusions, so our carriers intended to exclude the turbine as well.

“The turbine is by far the most important piece of equipment in the plant, and we would not purchase insurance if it were not covered.”

The client lauds Willis Towers Watson’s Michael Perron for working with third-party engineering companies and underwriters “to ensure that all parties understood the exposures.

Most carriers initially would not provide coverage for the turbine, seeing the generator as ‘bad.’ However, Mike and his team were able to demonstrate that the turbine is not directly coupled to the generator.

“Thus, it was unlikely that a generator event would impact the turbine. Further, they challenged insurers to name one generator event where a similar test finding led to a turbine event, and those polled could not. Ultimately, several insurers agreed to provide the needed coverage to the turbine.”

For another client with an outstanding claim, Perron got coverage with only a modest premium increase.

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