Lockton Broker Vincent Manalo Recognized as a 2023 International Power Broker

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Vincent Manalo, Senior Account Manager, Lockton

Vincent Manalo, ARM
Senior Account Manager
Lockton, Los Angeles

Lineage Logistics is not just the world’s largest temperature-controlled logistics provider; it’s also growing, acquiring more than 120 companies in the past three years. Vincent Manalo plays a large role in the due diligence process with Lineage’s “deal team.

“Vincent works endless hours to assist with the integration and answering the hundreds of questions from the sellers on insurance and risk management,” said Marcia Chow, director of risk management, Lineage Logistics.

“He creates fantastic deliverables with a very quick turnaround. Vincent is not only a broker to me, but also an extension of my team. I highly regard him, as he is an expert in international insurance and is respectful on all fronts, dealing with different cultures.”

During the acquisition process, Manalo works with each newly acquired company to ensure its management clearly understands the coverages and risk management solutions in place. Manalo believes it is important for newly acquired companies to recognize they have subject matter experts available to them.

He stays abreast of international issues and taps into deeper analyses through the personal relationships he’s built both with partner experts and experts within Lockton’s various specialty practices.

“Vincent knows the industry very well, and I have the utmost appreciation for him and his expertise in all of the different countries we are now in,” Chow said.

“I know that I can go to him for anything related to my international risk management and insurance questions. He not only provides insight, he is also very intelligent and strategic.”

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