Gallagher Broker Sarah Palmer Recognized as a 2023 Pharmaceuticals Power Broker

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Sarah Palmer, Senior Director, Area Assistant Vice President, Gallagher

Sarah Palmer
Senior Director, Area Assistant Vice President
Gallagher, Boston

Sarah Palmer’s clients imagine that she dedicates a good amount of her time to research biotechnology and logistics. How else can a broker guide their client so smoothly through complex chains of activities to produce and transport a tailor-made gene therapy for patients with a rare disease participating in clinical trials outside of their home countries, for example?

“From an insurance perspective, Sarah has guided us on how best to cover areas of medicine that are new and evolving,” said Erik Ostrowski, CFO for Avrobio, Inc. “Sarah has done quite a commendable job helping us along the way. The insight she provides is not something just anyone can do,” he said. “She’s not afraid to get into the details.”

It’s Palmer’s intellectual curiosity and interest in life sciences coupled with her tenure supporting numerous biotechnology companies in their journey from startups to public entities that make her more of a partner than an outside provider.

“She devoted the time that was necessary to bring [the relationship] to that level,” said Francisco Oliveira, a biotech industry finance consultant.

During his time as the vice president of finance and administration for a targeted oncology therapeutics company, Oliveira found Palmer’s diligence in communication to be especially effective for the dynamic needs of a new biotech.

“She and another member of her team would go over coverages and questions as our needs and requirements changed with the growth of the company,” Oliveira said.

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