EPIC Insurance Broker Karen Harris Recognized as a 2023 Transportation Power Broker

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Karen Harris, Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Karen Harris
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Ontario, Calif.

Building confidence and trust among her longtime clients is one way that Karen Harris stands out from the pack.

When a 25-year-plus workers’ compensation client experienced significant cost increases for its transportation fleets and other lines, Harris stepped in and came up with a solution that saved it $1 million in the first year.

The client had been reluctant to break up with a previous broker that it had been with for about 50 years, but Harris analyzed the company’s fleet program thoroughly and provided it with options to save money going forward.

She then worked with the client to determine where it was comfortable taking risks and offered high deductibles and various other cost options to meet its comfort level, ultimately recommending a $1 million plan.

While Harris’ client had losses averaging $300,000 per year for its transportation line, its savings (which added up to $1.5 million annually) far outweighed its losses, and it now has the potential to save millions of dollars over the next five years.

Anthony Dedeaux, property director and insurance committee leader for Dart Entities Inc., said Harris offered creative solutions when his company ended a relationship with a previous broker it had been with for more than 40 years.

“We weren’t super sophisticated about insurance, but she held our hands through it,” he said. “We could save $400,000 to $500,000 if everything goes right.”

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