An Exclusive Peek at the In2Risk 2022 Conference Agenda

Taking place November 10-12 in San Francisco, In2Risk22 brings together risk and insurance professionals from around the world
By: | September 1, 2022

For the savvy insurance professional, there’s nothing quite like getting together with like-minded individuals and discussing some of the latest innovations and nuances going on in the industry. And lucky for us all, in-person events are growing in number after the last two years of uncertainty.

This year, In2Risk, the CPCU Society’s annual conference, aims to bring industry professionals together for three days of education, networking and events. Held in San Francisco this year, the event convenes November 10-12. New CPCU designation holders will be recognized for their achievement and formally conferred as CPCUs at In2Risk.

An average 1,500-2,000 attendees are expected to attend the three-day signature event at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Registration is now open for all industry professionals at the  In2Risk site. You don’t need to be a CPCU to attend the event or join the CPCU Society.

Educational sessions spread throughout the three days will focus on one of three main themes. Digital and technology topics include the ethics of big data and emerging fraud risk with digital claims. Leadership sessions will cover topics about presentation skills, EQ, and engagement. Career development topics ranging from taking charge of your career to building your brand.

This year’s event also brings a new format of sessions. CPCU Express Talks are a series of lively, ten-minute talks that will inspire and motivate the audience. Two series are planned for In2Risk — one focused on Insurtech and the other on leadership. These informal express talks are designed to make people think differently about the world and the insurance and risk management industry.

Here’s a look at some of the can’t-miss sessions sure to bring risk professionals some top-quality lessons and tools to better their own skills.

Trending Sessions and Interesting Questions

Get ready for a packed agenda with trending topics, deep dives, and sessions designed to make you think about the world differently.

With 33 general sessions and three keynote sessions, learning is top of mind at In2Risk. Twelve sessions have been filed for CE and six sessions have been filed for CLE, so attendees can see immediate value from attending the conference.

Meta What? Warped Reality or Business Opportunity

Digital assets are growing in popularity — and the risk is growing, too.

The session, “Meta what? Warped Reality or Business Opportunity?” will explore the nascent risks of NFTs, cryptocurrency and property in the metaverse. One of the presenters is Adam Adamson, CPCU, head of business development at Nayms LTD in Bermuda.

Adamson shared insight on what to expect during the session: “It’s a complex new world in digital assets which brings entirely new risk factors and new companies to evaluate risks. For example, up-and-coming companies such as Quantstamp and Trail O Bits are working to help evaluate smart contracts and their risk factors. In doing so, underwriters need to be aware of how this industry is going to change their risk factors and evaluations while also giving them some comfort that the digital asset industry is similar to other industry classes.”

The Kennedy Tragedies Through a Risk Management Lens

Risk managers ask lots of questions.

That’s exactly what the husband-and-wife team of Chris and Melissa Orrison plan to do in their distinctive session, “The Kennedy Tragedies Through a Risk Management Lens.”

The Orrisons will dive into the Kennedy family’s history, looking at their experiences with a risk management purview. Questions to be discussed include:

  • The Kennedys were well aware of certain risks they faced, but is it possible they were focused on the wrong risks?
  • Did they attempt to manage risks regarding politics and reputation at the expense of risks to their own safety and mortality?
  • Did the family tendency to opt for risk insulation contribute to the negative outcomes that shaped history as we know it?
  • How might things have turned out differently if these disasters were averted?

The Earth-Shaking Realities of Supply Chain Disruptions and Their Ethical Implications

Ethics play a critical role in our industry.

This session examines ethics from a new angle — how the supply chain disruptions have changed how companies do business.

“Over the last few years, we’ve all experienced supply chain challenges in our personal lives — from empty shelves and rising prices at the grocery stores, lack of vehicles on the car lots and hefty delays and backorders in household purchases. But do you really understand why it is happening and what impacts and ethical implications our industry faces because of the supply chain disruptions?” said one of the session speakers, Kate Goering, CPCU, senior purchasing manager, State Farm.

“Exploring those ethical implications and how companies have responded in the moment is fascinating,” she continued.

“Whether it’s vying for the first place in line, considering the sustainable sourcing practices of vendors, or weighing options between going without or sourcing products and services from suppliers who may not meet high employment standards, the right answer isn’t always easy anymore.”

After the Condo Collapse: Surfside’s Impact on the Insurance Industry

The 2021 Surfside tragedy in Miami has affected the insurance industry in numerous ways.

Timothy Fletcher, JD, CPCU, vice president, senior emerging issues specialist at GenRe, and one of the speakers in the session, gave some insight as to what to expect.

“We’ll focus on the vulnerabilities of condo associations, namely the bad things that can happen when associations don’t act on engineering reports and inspections suggesting maintenance is needed,” he shared.

“The repercussions of legislative reform in Florida like requiring mandatory inspections, the critical need for engineers to conduct these inspections, and holding sufficient money in reserves for maintenance projects will be raised. A number of similar properties throughout the Southeast U.S. are also being managed by condo associations that may not have the requisite expertise to properly manage the maintenance of these buildings. What are the implications for insurers going forward?”

Now That You’re in Charge…

Rita Williams-Bogar, CPCU, founder, Personal Development Solutions

Rita Williams-Bogar, CPCU, founder of Personal Development Solutions, will provide attendees with next-level leadership tips in her leadership session “Now That You’re in Charge…”

“Imagine if you will — you were an individual contributor in your organization. You’ve been performing your job well and have been promoted to a management position and told to go lead. Now you have several questions — What do you do? How will you navigate the relationships with your former peers? How will you earn their respect? How do you transition from doer to leader? What’s your next step?” Williams-Bogar said.

“For the answer to these and other questions, attend the session, ‘Now that You’re in Charge…’ ”

Other Sessions of Note

Fan favorite sessions returning this year include Game On, the highly popular gameshow-style insurance trivia session with prizes, and Emerging Issues in Insurance Regulation, featuring insurance commissioners answering audience and moderator questions.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to give back to the local community by supporting the conference charity. This year, the CPCU Society will raise $5,000 to support Rise Against Hunger. Donations are being accepted through November 12.

There is something for everyone at this year’s In2Risk!

Register Now For In2Risk22

Registration is open for In2Risk. Join the excitement, network with your colleagues, and grow your passion in San Francisco this November with the CPCU Society.

Chris Hampshire, CPCU, vice president, carrier practice with Gallagher Bassett, and president of the CPCU Society Leadership Council, summed up the excitement for In2Risk: “I’ve heard from so many CPCU Society members that they’re excited to get together in person again at In2Risk in San Francisco.

“The momentum that’s been generated from our expanded membership categories along with all of the New Designees that have already committed to attending their conferment at In2Risk should create strong attendance at this year’s event. The speakers and educational sessions that were selected for this year’s conference are First Class and represent a diverse amount of sectors of insurance and risk management,” he said.

“We couldn’t be happier with how the planning for In2Risk 2022 has gone and look forward to seeing a few thousand of our closest industry friends in November.” &

The CPCU Society brings together risk professionals who are either pursuing or designees of The Institutes CPCU designation. Both the CPCU Society and Risk & Insurance® are affiliates of The Institutes.

Abi Potter Clough, MBA, CPCU, is a keynote speaker, author and business consultant focused on Insurtech, leadership and strategy. She has over 15 years of experience at a Fortune 500 company with expertise in P&C claims operational leadership, lean management consulting, digital communications and Insurtech. As the past chair of the International Insurance Interest Group of the CPCU Society, Abi remains involved in many international initiatives and projects. She has published two books about change management and relocation. Abi can be reached at [email protected].

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