The 2022 Executives to Watch: Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ Kimberly Hamilton

Kimberly Hamilton of PHLY has embraced an executive role where expanded product and underwriting capabilities are at the forefront.
By: | November 5, 2021

When Kimberly Hamilton first entered the world of insurance, it began at Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. an insurance brokerage and risk management firm.

She later made a shift to Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) in 2003 as a management and professional liability underwriter, moving up through the ranks to be named to senior vice president in 2019. Most recently, she was named division head and assumed responsibility of the PHLY’s public service and sports & recreation teams.

In January 2021 Hamilton also assumed responsibility for commercial lines field office underwriting.

“As head of field underwriting, I am responsible for commercial lines growth, profitability and talent spanning the company’s 50 offices across the country, 200+ underwriters, and encompassing over 120 niche products,” Hamilton said.

In this capacity she works closely with PHLY’s chief underwriting officer and chief strategic operations officer to strengthen the collaboration and delivery of service across PHLY’s marketing and underwriting teams. She ensures all are functioning at a high level and providing operation and underwriting excellence for PHLY’s customers and stakeholders.

As PHLY’s diverse niche of product offerings continues to expand, and the environmental factors impacting risk within the segments they specialize in continue to evolve, Hamilton recognizes that the company’s forward-facing underwriting presence and value-add must outpace these factors.

“Doing so has created significant opportunities to expand our market positioning, while establishing ourselves as a leading provider in newer areas such as surety, accident and health, temporary staffing and the commercial agribusiness space – all while maintaining our longstanding position as a leading carrier in the human and social service, and fitness and wellness industries,” Hamilton said.

She expressed her eagerness to continue building upon the outward-facing underwriting model she instituted within the commercial lines division almost a decade ago. That empowers PHLY’s underwriters to take ownership in their respective book of business, emboldening them to work within their utmost decision-making and underwriting authority all while placing them in a front and center position with key stakeholders.

“Having direct insight and feedback from members of the field underwriting teams on barriers or obstacles affords me the opportunity to quickly respond and advocate within the home office network to implement change,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s chief hope is that she continues to be afforded the opportunity to identify and cultivate talent across an ever broadening and diverse pool of insurance professionals.

“The moment I became responsible for a team of individuals my passion has been, and remains firmly planted, in motivating and empowering others to find success across the PHLY organization,” she said.

“I have the utmost confidence in the long-term success of PHLY, and the commercial insurance industry as a whole, as long as experienced professionals and senior leadership remain dedicated to the ongoing mentoring, coaching, and advocacy of the many high potential, bright thinkers that make up our next generation of industry leaders.” &

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