The 2022 Executives to Watch: FM Global’s Deanna Fidler

FM Global’s Deanna Fidler on the new set of skills leaders will need in the wake of a pandemic.
By: | November 5, 2021

As we emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic, executives across the industry are coming to terms with a business environment that may never look the same. For Deanna Fidler, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at FM Global, that means taking stock of leadership abilities, her own and those of others on her team.

“The skills required to lead in a post-pandemic world are very different,” Fidler said.

“Leaders need to be equipped to inspire authentically, understand and empathize with the evolving needs of the real human beings in their organizations, operate in hybrid worlds, and much more.”

The other two “broad buckets” she identifies as incoming issues to watch are in tandem with this priority – the remote work model and how this plays into talent attraction and the resilience and health of her employees.

“We also believe we have a critical responsibility for providing a safe working environment and paying attention to the wellness needs of our employee population – especially in the area of supporting mental health right now,” Fidler explained.

This commitment to recognizing employees and co-workers as whole people has carried Fidler through her career.

She’s worked in both human resources and insurance within the financial sector, acting as chief human resources officer (CHRO) at Aetna and T. Rowe Price prior to joining FM Global, as well as leading organization and staffing and developing the Insurance Leadership Institute with GE Insurance Solutions.

For today’s uncertain landscape, Fidler believes it’s never been more important to understand the intersection between talent and technology.

“FM Global is looking holistically at a strategy which encompasses employee talent and client needs and how technology can support, facilitate and accelerate our business. The pace of the world continues to speed up and, as industries globalize even more, it will be increasingly important to tap into the right talent wherever they’re located to innovate and collaborate. Technology has a big hand in that,” she said.

Fidler knows about the right talent. In August 2021, when she was named executive vice president, chief administrative officer, she became the first woman in FM Global’s history to be named to the position.

Her new responsibilities are far-reaching and now include oversight of strategy, business enablement, technology infrastructure and operations, information security, technology products and the FM Global Academy – the company’s client and employee training arm.

Additionally, she continues to oversee human resources transformation, talent management as well as diversity, equity and inclusion programs. &

Nina Luckman is a business journalist based in New Orleans, focusing primarily on the workers' compensation industry. Over the last several years, Nina has served as Editor of Louisiana Comp Blog, a news site she started in 2014 under the auspices of a group self-insurance fund. She can be reached at [email protected].

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