The 2022 Executives to Watch: Chubb’s Bob Meyer

An expanding North American property business and the need to develop top talent are among the tasks facing Bob Meyer.
By: | November 5, 2021

Over the last several years, Chubb’s property and marine businesses in North America have grown across geographies, industries, and market segments.

“As a result, the company determined additional leadership support was needed across both our retail and wholesale distribution channels,” said Bob Meyer, the company’s new EVP of North American property.

“Promoting from within is something that distinguishes us as a company,” he added, “and the creation of this new role opens the door for other talented individuals within our organization to take on increased responsibilities, while maintaining the level of service we are known for in the industry.”

In that spirit, employee development and training are also part of Meyer’s new brief. “Our ability to promote from within is a huge benefit for Chubb and something that distinguishes us. We have strong talent throughout the company, and that often translates into a better overall transition, since many have a good understanding of our business, culture and expectations.”

That said, Meyer hastened to add that “we are also focused on regularly growing our talent pool and look to hire from the outside: from college graduates to seasoned underwriting professionals with extensive backgrounds and experiences. At the end of the day, training at its core is ongoing and evolving, and should be a constant regardless of an individual’s experience.”

In an effort to foster new talent, Chubb has developed a technical training and development program with a focus on consistency.

“In 2022, we will be launching our own Property University,” said Meyer. “The training will include a combination of in-person, virtual and on-the-job experiences, all rooted in the disciplines that stem from our property and inland marine businesses.”

Meyer has broad experience in management and underwriting, and noted that the technical aspects of underwriting help inform his approach to management.

“Technical underwriting is at the core of what we do at Chubb and serves as a key driver of our decision making process.”

“The days of a generalist managing a business unit are behind us,” he added, “due to the complexities that have shaped our industry and individual businesses. Within Chubb North America property, we put a lot of emphasis on leadership that is defined by strong technical expertise.”

Meyer grew up in Queens, New York and Long Island before moving to Atlanta in 1992. He has become a fan of Auburn University football, but otherwise retains his allegiance to metropolitan area teams, including his alma mater St. John’s Red Storm in basketball, as well as the Jets, Mets, and Rangers.

“I love to travel around the U.S. Northeast and Southwest,” said Meyer.

“My favorite destinations include Greece, Italy, and Hilton Head. Books that have made the most impression on me include ‘Winning’ by Jack Welch, ‘The Automatic Millionaire’ by David Bach, and ‘The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.” &

Gregory DL Morris is an independent business journalist currently based in New York with 25 years’ experience in industry, energy, finance and transportation. He can be reached at [email protected].

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