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2020 Teddy Awards Update

In this unique and challenging year, we’ve been following each new development closely and reaching out to our friends and partners across the workers’ compensation community. Employers have had their hands full these past months, some working tirelessly to ensure the safety of their essential workers, others managing through remote arrangements, grappling with COVID-19-related claims, and working to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local worker safety guidelines during reopening.

The Teddy Awards have been recognizing workers’ compensation excellence for nearly 30 years, and never in those years has our community faced a suite of challenges quite this difficult or complex.

In light of these circumstances, we applaud the excellence of every workers’ compensation team that has maintained a laser focus on doing what they do best — protecting their people and helping injured workers get their lives back — under conditions few would have imagined.

Risk & Insurance® believes that executing our award program as usual during these difficult times would exclude many of these exemplary teams — too large a field of worthy programs to fairly reflect the top programs of 2020.

And while you won’t be reading profiles of Teddy Award winners in our pages or on our website this October, you will be reading captivating profiles — a special editorial series presented by the Teddy Awards and sponsored by PMA Companies, highlighting employer stories that illustrate what workers’ comp excellence means in the face of a complex global crisis.

To those who have submitted applications this year, we appreciate and respect the time and effort you’ve taken to tell us your story. Your application will be entered as a 2021 Teddy Award application and you’ll be contacted about adding updates if you choose. If you have an application that you were planning to submit for 2020, please send it directly to Teddy Awards coordinator Michelle Kerr at [email protected]

Look for our special coverage beginning soon, on Risk & Insurance’s WorkersComp Forum and in the pages of R&I.

Many thanks for the ongoing support of the Teddy Awards sponsor:

PMA Companies

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