Teddy Awards

Workers’ Compensation Award Overview

What is the Teddy Award?

Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished with your workers’ compensation and injury prevention programs? Does your organization have ideas worth stealing? We’d like to learn more.

The Teddy Award, established in 1994, was named in honor of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, who introduced the first piece of significant workers’ compensation legislation in the U.S. The Teddy Award honors employers across the country for achieving excellence in workers’ compensation and injury prevention.

We invite employers of all sizes, in all industries, to apply for the Theodore Roosevelt Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management Award. We also invite TPAs, brokers, carriers and all workers’ comp organizations to nominate their employer-clients with outstanding workers’ comp and injury prevention programs.

Some food for thought as you apply. We’re looking for well-rounded programs that take a holistic approach to workers’ comp, injury prevention and disability management.

Teddy Award winning companies have several core characteristics in common. They do everything possible to protect their most valuable asset: their people. They strive daily to reduce workplace risks. When injuries do happen, winning companies waste no time securing expert care for their workers. They have systems and practices to ensure that they’re getting the best possible outcomes for their medical spend.

Teddy winners amaze us with their 110% commitment to reducing lost time, using imaginative strategies that turn the old model of return-to-work on its head.

They also track and measure all relevant data — continuously and aggressively looking for opportunities to improve outcomes while eliminating wasted expense. Along the way, many of them also develop effective strategies that help manage challenges such as opioid overuse, an aging workforce population, union negotiations, legacy claims, litigation and fraud.

Teddy Award winning companies are innovative and forward-thinking. They’re open to new and creative strategies, both internal and external. They seek out like-minded partners who can collaborate with all stakeholders and ask the “What if …” questions that drive new ideas.

Not least of all, Teddy winners get results. We look at performance data to gauge whether an organization’s programs really help achieve the intended goals.

Teddy winners go above and beyond best practices, and they have a firm grasp of the big picture. They leverage the talent of internal teams as well as vendor partners to build programs that enable them to drive year-over-year improvement for the long-term.

What You Need to Know

Teddy Award winners are selected by a panel of judges consisting of industry professionals, including past Teddy Award winners.

All applicants must complete the online application and have the option to include attachments as necessary.

All winners will be interviewed for the sake of profiles to be published by Risk & Insurance® for publication on the website, eNewsletters, web digital edition and mobile apps.

Award winners should be available to attend a special Teddy Awards Q&A session, in-person at National Comp in Las Vegas on Sept. 21, 2023.


If there are any questions, please contact Michelle Kerr, R&I National Workers’ Compensation Editor and Conference Chair at [email protected].

Please note that our 2023 application deadline is March 24, 2023.




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