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Risk & Insurance Wins Four National AZBEES

Cover art, clever columns and compelling coverage on emerging risks win recognition from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.
By: | July 28, 2015
Topics: Emerging Risks

At an awards banquet in New York on July 24, The American Society of Business Publication Editors awarded Risk & Insurance® four 2015 National Azbee Awards, which recognize trade publications for superior editorial content.

The awards were garnered for cover illustrations, work from our United Kingdom-based columnist and a special section reporting on emerging cyber threats across a spectrum of industries.

Designer and illustrator Kristian Rodriguez earned a silver and a bronze award for cover illustrations.


National silver winner for best cover

Silver went to his ominous depiction of dark feathers floating down to a cracked pavement against a dreary gray background, the cover art for the magazine’s August 2014 Black Swan issue. The magazine’s Black Swan coverage details risks that strike infrequently but with catastrophic severity.

A bronze was awarded for Rodriguez’s Oct. 15, 2014 cover art for a story about the role of robotics in transforming the U.S. workplace.

Echoing the article’s headline, “Helping Hands,” Rodriguez created a nimble robot hand plucking letters out of the Risk & Insurance® masthead topping the page.


National bronze winner for best cover

Roger Crombie, author of the regular Risk & Insurance® print column “Roger’s Soapbox,” won national silver in the category of Regular Column, Contributed, for two discourses that featured his ready wit.

The first, “The Dawn of De-Evolution” published in April 2014, chastises mankind for allowing the distraction of cell phones to result in hunched backs and accidental injuries and deaths, and causing headaches for insurers.

Crombie, it should be noted, foregoes carrying a cell phone “because I am neither the Queen of England nor a brain surgeon.”

Roger Crombie, columnist for Risk & Insurance®

Roger Crombie, columnist for Risk & Insurance®

The second Crombie column, “A Frightening Fish Story,” that ran in May 2014, asks what policy might cover a haunted house that faces a lawsuit after hosting a fish-swallowing contest. One contestant was hospitalized for four days after attempting to down a live bluegill whole, and sued the attraction for negligence, liability, emotional distress and fraud.

Just proof, Crombie argues, that the insurance news world is not nearly as dull as some perceive it to be. His column appears in every issue, delivering his keen observations with unsparing candor.

Risk & Insurance® also won a national bronze in the Special Section category. The award-winning coverage focused on emerging cyber risks.

The package of stories was published in April 2014. The lead story, “Cyber: the New CAT,” by Michelle Kerr and Joel Berg, made the case that cyber risk is a foundation-level risk across all industries, and must be approached as aggressively as any other CAT-level exposure.


National bronze winner for special section

Critical Condition,” by Michelle Kerr, delved into how interconnected medical devices present huge dangers for the health care industry.

Disabled Autos,” by Gregory DL Morris, explored the cyber risks associated with driverless cars.

Unmanned Risk,” by Janet Aschkenasy, discussed the possibility of terrorist groups hacking drones to use as weapons or for intelligence gathering.

In “An Electrifying Threat,” Anne Freedman and Gregory DL Morris outlined cyber risks looming for the energy sector.

This isn’t the first time Risk & Insurance® won a national award for its emerging risks coverage. In 2013, Risk & Insurance® won national gold in the Special Section category for its 2012 coverage of the most dangerous emerging risks.

“Winning awards is not something we focus on, but it’s exciting to be recognized by our peers on a national level,” said Matthew Kahn, publisher and executive editor of Risk & Insurance®.

Katie Dwyer is a freelance editor and writer based out of Philadelphia. She can be reached at [email protected]

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