Rising Star Hannah Adams of Gallagher Talks to Risk & Insurance About Nonprofit Sector Brokering

Hannah Adams of Gallagher pushes aside the notion that women should ever be considered second best when it comes to their potential to thrive in the insurance industry.
By: | July 23, 2021



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Here we talk to Hannah Adams, an account executive with Gallagher, and a 2021 Nonprofit Power Broker and Rising Star.

Risk & Insurance: What was your biggest win as a nonprofit sector insurance broker in the past year?

Hannah Adams: Being nominated as Power Broker and recognized as a Rising Star was truly exciting.

However, the biggest win for me was helping our nonprofit clients navigate a hardening market in the middle of a crisis, serving as an advocate to get the best options available and helping them reclaim dollars that ultimately go back to supporting their mission and sustaining their operations long into the future.

R&I: As you look ahead, what do you think the most pressing issue for many of your clients will be in the remainder of 2021 and 2022?

HA: A return to operations will be the main focus for nonprofits as we continue to develop successful post-crisis insurance and risk management programs.

Everyone’s situation is evolving, so we must understand new or changing exposures, adjust coverage to align with new operating models, and bridge any gaps between geographies or changes to the workforce. A big part of this is navigating a challenging cyber market as workforces adopt a permanent hybrid model and continue to work remotely.

We also need to be ahead of the continued firming insurance marketplace with resourceful ways to tell our nonprofit clients’ stories of success with managing risk.

R&I: So far, how would you describe your journey in insurance? What did you experience that was unexpected?

HA: The insurance industry and Gallagher in particular has given me a tremendous opportunity to impact every part of an organization, integrate into the teams of my clients and ultimately help them solve big and small, short-term and longer-term challenges.

I always say: Let’s get to yes, no matter what. My journey has been focused on being resourceful and identifying potential solutions so that our clients can bring their vision or idea to life, further their mission and still have a vital and dynamic insurance and risk management program.

R&I: What’s the best piece of advice you would give a new female insurance broker?

HA: Young women may look at insurance brokerage and be intimidated by its reputation as a male-dominated industry.

In reality, women are one of the most significant assets of the insurance industry.

Not only do we bring a different perspective to the table, but also clients and buyers we work with are seeking more diverse partners that bring fresh ideas, look more like they do, take advantage of new technology, leverage data to develop ideas, and look at solutions in new ways.

Anytime you can add more diversity around the table, you will be a stronger partner with better outcomes.

R&I: When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, what should the insurance industry be doing more of?

HA: The insurance industry needs to do a better job quantifying the impact we make in a way that is relatable to young talent and communicating that impact in places that are relevant to the next generation of brokers.

Insurance isn’t solely numbers and policy terms, and when you have the right culture, it can be an exciting hub of opportunity, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and personal growth. &

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