Rising Star Graham Johnson Shows Innovation Is a Cornerstone of the Public Sector Segment at Marsh

Graham Johnson, placement specialist at Marsh, leaves no stone unturned in the public entity insurance space in his efforts to uncover new and innovative ways to help his clients, especially when it comes to budget guidance and execution during the renewal process.
By: | April 25, 2023


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Here’s our conversation with Graham Johnson, placement specialist at Marsh and a 2022 Public Sector Power Broker winner and Rising Star.

Risk & Insurance: What led you on the path to enter the insurance sector as a career?

Graham Johnson: I initially majored in risk management and insurance, because I thought it would stand out on my college application in a sea of finance or accounting.

I ended up taking the introductory class, which I enjoyed, and have stuck with it ever since.

R&I: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the public sector/public entity insurance space?

GJ: The continued reduction in critical CAT capacity plagues our clients with significant exposure.

As they replace and/or retain these reductions, the pressure it places on an entity’s balance sheet is more challenging than ever.

R&I: How do you help your clients navigate the public sector insurance market?

GJ: We are constantly communicating updates to our client contacts and those that they report to.

Setting clear expectations starts with outlining the challenges and then highlighting the path to achievement. If that path alters course, modeling different outcomes helps clients weigh the costs and benefits before making any decisions.

R&I: During your career, how have you successfully navigated the public entity space? How have you grown in your position?

GJ: We are constantly working to develop new or creative concepts that fit the mold of our clients’ needs. The most efficient spend is rarely a continuation of the status quo, so turning every stone has shown us there are alternatives for nearly all situations.

Adapting to a challenged rate environment has encouraged quick learning and clear communication. Being able to effectively detail multiple scenarios through the C-suite or equivalent has certainly furthered my understanding of how different people receive and retain the same message.

R&I: What gets you out of bed each day? What drives you each day to succeed in your role?

GJ: The desire to outpace a client’s expectations, and always wanting to finalize a deal feeling no better alternatives were left behind. &

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