Revolutionizing Business Innovations in Health Care Technology

By: | June 18, 2024

John deLorimier is Concentra’s chief information and technology officer. For more than 12 years, he has led Concentra’s strategic direction, sales, marketing and product development. He was previously the segment vice president overseeing product development and management, sales, and digital communications for the Humana’s Employer Group. For many years, as a consultant, he advised leading Fortune 500 companies on sales effectiveness, marketing and channel management, product development, change management, and knowledge and learning management.

During my 20-year tenure at Concentra, I have spearheaded various business units, encompassing sales, product development, marketing, customer experience and knowledge management.

Throughout these strategic endeavors, the crux of our success has consistently revolved around three themes: access to care, quality medical outcomes and ease of doing business with our customers and payers.

Over time these themes have remained the same, but how we accomplish them has changed dramatically. What was once manual workflows and process has now made way for how we leverage technology today.

A Paradigm Shift: Transitioning from Business to IT

In the next few months, I will try to bridge the gap between “the business” and IT. As I led various strategic initiatives on the business side of health care, I found that there was often a lack of alignment between IT initiatives and those of the business. IT lived in its own silo, which could hinder objectives for the rest of the business and prevented us from realizing all the innovations we wanted to take to market.

Then, the opportunity arose for me to lead the IT organization at Concentra, which gives me a unique perspective on how the business can better engage with IT to ensure a quality and timely technical solution to a business problem. To the organization’s credit, Concentra’s leadership recognized the unique value in bridging the gap between technology and business — collaboration leads to speed to market and innovation.

Converging Business and IT Objectives

Post my transition, we formed teams of technology and business leaders to align IT initiatives with Concentra’s overarching roadmap for the future. This strategic alignment effectively addressed historic gaps between business and IT, laying the groundwork for fortifying Concentra’s IT infrastructure while enhancing our overall business strategy.

Since then, Concentra has both enhanced our technology infrastructure and begun to execute on the organization’s strategic initiatives. We have made progress in reducing technical debt, augmenting feature functionality in critical applications, refining data management and, most importantly, creating technical solutions that meet the themes: access to care, quality medical outcomes, and ease of doing business with our customers and payers.

The Months Ahead

In future posts, I will give observations, successes and setbacks around Concentra’s technology renaissance as we continue to improve our medical practice for patients, customers and payers. &

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