Predict & Prevent™ Podcast Episode 9: AI Slashing Commercial Fleet Collisions

Nauto's AI-powered platform is transforming transportation safety by proactively identifying risks and preventing collisions before they occur
By: | June 3, 2024
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How technology is improving the transportation safety landscape, reducing collision rates and providing invaluable data for insurers and vehicle manufacturers is the focus of “Keep Your AIs on the Road: Reducing the Risk of Distracted Driving,” the ninth and newest episode of the Predict & Prevent™ podcast from The Institutes.

In this episode, Pete Miller, the CEO of The Institutes, talks with Stefan Heck, the CEO and Founder of Nauto, to delve into the future of transportation safety, the role of AI in preventing collisions, and the impact of Nauto’s technology on the insurance market and its customers.

Conventional wisdom holds that speeding is the leading cause of vehicle collisions. However, the reality is that distracted driving is responsible for nearly 70% of crash-related damages, according to data from Nauto, a transportation technology company.

In response, the industry is shifting from reactive dash cams that merely record collisions to AI-powered systems that actively prevent them, Heck says. Nauto’s platform continuously monitors road conditions, driver behavior, vehicle movement, and location history to identify risk factors. When a potential hazard is detected, the system provides real-time audio and haptic feedback, giving drivers crucial seconds to self-correct and avoid a crash. Importantly, Nauto only shares incidents with fleet managers after first alerting the driver and providing an opportunity for correction.

“By providing timely warnings, we help drivers become aware of unconscious risks, enabling them to take corrective action,” he said.

Another key trend is the emergence of in-vehicle systems that monitor the driver in addition to the external environment. Starting with 2025 models, all new vehicles in Europe will be required to include driver and pedestrian monitoring capabilities. By tracking factors like pedestrian proximity, traffic signs, driver attentiveness, vehicle movement, and location history, Nauto’s AI technology can identify external risks and prompt drivers to take corrective action before a collision occurs.

Nauto’s system also uses a computer vision system that observes the road, the driver’s actions, and the vehicle’s behavior. It analyzes this data in real-time, looking 5 to 7 seconds into the future to assess the risk level of the situation. When risk factors combine, the danger increases exponentially.

The impact of Nauto’s technology is already proving substantial. In an 18-month period, Nauto’s platform helped avert over 30,000 collisions, saving an estimated 30 lives in the process, Heck said.

“When we show insurers data demonstrating that within 72 hours, 80% of drivers eliminate 80% of their risk, their initial reaction is disbelief because they’re not used to seeing that. After trying it out and seeing the results, they become interested,” Heck said.

Heck also highlighted the importance of collaboration within the ecosystem of insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, and fleets in understanding and preventing collisions.

“Collaboration within the entire ecosystem is crucial because understanding and preventing collisions is a shared mission for all of us,” he said.

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