Opinion | When It Comes to Police and the Communities They Serve, Insurance Is the Solution

By: | March 12, 2021

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected].

One of society’s most painful intersections is between the police and the communities they serve.

My opinion is that the police are in a no-win situation.

At every turn, they face possible death or injury, doing a job that most of us would not even consider doing. Apart from physical harm, they have the threat of litigation following them wherever they go.

That’s why it was with a sense of hope and relief that I spoke to Glenn Clark of Rockwood Programs in early February.

Clark, an AIG veteran with a specialty in professional and management liability, is rolling out an insurance cover for police officers who moonlight to pick up extra money on the side.

Clark’s cover, built in conjunction with Fortegra Insurance, offers professional liability coverage for police officers in cases where they are accused of assault, property damage or some other failing while doing security work for the local football game, the county fair, or what have you.

The Rockwood/Fortegra product is appearing as we as a nation wrestle with allegations of systemic racism in policing and police abuses in general.

The idea that police officers might make fewer mistakes if they carry and pay for their own professional liability insurance is an intriguing one. My bet is that if insurance can succeed in this area, we will see fewer legal filings against the public sector, i.e. the taxpayers, for settlements that they can increasingly not afford.

As in many instances, we should be thankful here for the vehicle of insurance and for its pain-lessening qualities. &

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