Opinion | The Foundation Within a Foundation

By: | June 6, 2021

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected].

It was Hank Watkins, regional director and president, Americas at Lloyd’s, who gave me the nudge.

Watkins chairs the International Board of Governors for the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, and he asked me the other day what I knew about it. I had to admit that I knew too little but here is what I’ve since found out.

In response to the COVID crisis, the IICF raised $1.3 million for its Children’s’ Relief Fund and provided 2.5 million meals to families in need.

Furthermore, U.S. insurers and their charitable foundations, according to the Insurance Information Institute, donated $220 million to fight the ravages of the pandemic with another $100 million donated internationally. We can bet that those donations are ongoing.

We like to say, and it’s true, that insurance is the foundation of the economy. But here we see that beyond that role, insurers and their charitable foundations stepped up in a big way to help those in need as this pandemic played out.

Beyond their work to give to others during the pandemic, members of the IICF contribute to fighting racism, supporting first responders, aiding literacy programs and so much more.

Hank is pleasant and personable, so he didn’t chide me for what I didn’t know.

I’ll chide myself though and pledge to do a better job of recognizing the IICF’s efforts going forward.

Thanks Hank and thanks to the IICF for all that you do. &