Opinion | It’s Time to Celebrate the Best of the Best in Insurance Brokering

By: | March 4, 2022

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected].

It’s time to celebrate.

2022 marks the 18th year we’ve conducted our Power Broker® contest, and I’m pleased to report this year’s effort to determine the best brokers in commercial property/casualty insurance is a solid success.

Why a success, you might ask? For a couple of reasons, I do answer.

One, the contest is as competitive as ever.

This year’s pool of applications, due in October 2021, was 15% larger than the previous year’s contest pool.

Categories that were particularly competitive, for those seeking to focus their application efforts next year, included At Large, Cyber, Private Client, Finance, Employee Benefits — but I can’t list them all here.

Second was the vitality, the importance of the solutions these brokers came up with to help clients.

We have examples, in these pages, of nonprofits that wouldn’t exist if their brokers didn’t come through for them with adequate coverage. We have examples of brokers negotiating risk mitigation and transfer to smooth the way for mergers and acquisitions, without which sectors of our economy would stall and go dormant.

Third, and across the board, we have proof that while others might toss political hand grenades, blame someone else, or fail to shoulder their responsibilities, these insurance brokers, and this industry at large, steps forward to find solutions.

One of the underpinning editorial philosophies of Risk & Insurance® magazine is that insurance is vital. The work done by these brokers proves that and reinforces it beyond any doubt.

Take a deep breath. Read on and celebrate. &

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