Opinion | A Message for the LinkedIn Sidewalk Superintendents

By: | September 15, 2020

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

Some LinkedIn users decry posts that are “political,” asserting that they have no place on the platform.

One person recently said discussions about racism and sexism in the workplace have no place on a career-focused site, as those topics are “political” and should be off limits.

To you, sidewalk superintendents, I say, “Step off,” and spare me your translucent self-righteousness.

Discussions about workplace racism and sexism on business social media platforms are very much on point. How else, other than through open dialogue, can we evolve as a society?

I view any attempt to cow or bully those who want to discuss workplace racism or sexism on LinkedIn as an attempt to chill the First Amendment rights of those professionals who are brave enough to air the topic.

Is reading some pro- or anti-Republican or Democrat rant on LinkedIn tiresome? Yes, of course it is.

But like any other topic in our digital echo chamber, if you see something tedious, you are not bound to read it. Just scroll on.

For those who spew hate and intolerance on any forum, I quote Sinead O’Connor, “Through their own words, they will be exposed.”

And as for you, sidewalk superintendents, I suggest you get back to your real work, if you have any, and stop posing as social media hall monitors. &

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