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Productivity Anywhere: How Modern Claim and Policy Document Processing Can Help Work-From-Home Succeed

Experts discuss how COVID-19 has made remote work more common. Take a look at the impact this new reality has had on the process, cycle times and culture of the industry.
By: | August 18, 2020


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Companies today are dealing with the new reality of an increased remote work force along with a trending focus on digital media and access for claims and policy documentation.  While many started modernizing their digital media capabilities before the crisis, the impact of COVID-19 and the sudden move to a remote workforce propelled these efforts.

Join us as we discuss the impact this new reality has had on the process, cycle times, productivity and culture of the industry. Our discussion provides recommendations and solutions on how organizations can not only survive but thrive in this changed reality.

Who should attend this webinar:

Risk Managers
Claims Executives
Insurtech Professionals
Workers’ Compensation Underwriters
Insurance General Counsels


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