2020 Risk All Star: Dave Glasser

Moss & Associates’ Dave Glasser Reveals the Key to Better Risk Management: Warranty and Quality Control

Dave Glasser, vice president, Moss & Associates

When it comes to warranty and quality control programs within the residential environment, Dave Glasser, vice president of Moss & Associates in Fort Lauderdale and a second-time Risk All Star, understands the strategic role these platforms play in making better management decisions.

That’s why Glasser, along with the Moss team, recently worked to revamp the firm’s warranty/quality control platforms while reorganizing the company’s warranty/quality group.

According to Glasser, Moss established the company’s warranty/quality department shortly after the company’s inception in 2004. Since that time Moss’ revenue has grown to over a billion dollars per year, and while the company’s basic warranty/quality needs haven’t changed much in 15 years, there was a definite need for a more efficient department structure and additional manpower.

“We also wanted to continue Moss’ emphasis on lessons learned and our operational feedback loop in order to avoid recurring construction issues,” Glasser said.

Bruce Moldow, CFO and general counsel at Moss said the company has been deeply committed to the multi-family market sector, and the Moss team views its warranty/quality department as being a core requirement for this class of business, especially condominiums.

“While the department serves the entire company well, its most significant contribution is ensuring Moss’ ongoing profitability on multi-family projects where the risk profile is typically much greater,” Moldow said.

As such, Glasser and others at Moss envisioned the primary functions of the new firm’s warranty/quality platform to be a warranty request management system, a central repository for pertinent warranty/quality information, and a hub for warranty/quality data analytics and performance.

“The driver underscoring each of these functions was that the platform had to be scalable in order to remain effective given Moss’ growth,” Glasser said. “Moss has always had a relatively sophisticated approach to warranty/quality and highly skilled professionals in the department — what we lacked were the technological resources to aggregate and analyze data from our operations.”

Since rolling out the new platform in early 2020, Moss has experienced greater visibility into the business of warranty/quality. As Glasser explained, increased coordination with the scheduling department has improved the firm’s ability to forecast manpower needs and make smarter decisions on a timely basis.

“The greater level of data driven through the platform is giving us additional insight into operating costs and is aiding us in evaluating the risk profiles of specific issues,” Glasser said. From a cultural perspective, the new platform and reorganization have brought warranty/quality and field operations personnel closer together as Moss is now running a more sophisticated department with additional tools and guidance to offer.

What’s more, the construction labor market has remained relatively weak, which drives the need for additional planning and supervision in order to be successful. “The warranty/quality platform we’re building upon is allowing the department to be more elastic as it scales with the organization, especially given current labor constraints,” Moldow said.

Indeed, utilizing data from the entire organization, Moss is now consistently improving its forecasting of warranty/quality demand from operations, giving the company additional time to put qualified resources in place in a more cost-efficient way.

“Our experience since launching the new platform has been very positive,” Glasser said. “Having the ability to compare accurate data to our existing observations has allowed us to become more proactive in how we’re delivering warranty/quality service to the organization and has also helped in refining our cost containment strategies moving forward.” &

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