This CFO Manages Rapid Growth by Addressing the Evolving Needs of Customers and Regulators

David McLaughlin, a veteran of the financial services industry, is taking his first job in the commercial insurance sector for the ever-growing Hiscox USA.
By: | December 25, 2018

Hiscox was one of the first insurance carriers to start selling insurance policies to small businesses direct and online. As such, they had a good head start on many of their competitors.

And now their results in the U.S. are showing it. Hiscox USA, which writes small and middle market businesses, saw gross premiums written growth of 22.3 percent over 2017; notching $423.9 million in GPW in the first half of 2018.

The division is now a standout among a group of divisions within the Hiscox Group that are doing very well.

And into the role of CFO for Hiscox USA steps David McLaughlin, a veteran of the financial services industry, who is taking his first job in the commercial insurance sector.


As the executive in charge of all financial, legal and compliance functions at the Hiscox division, McLaughlin has the task of making sure that Hiscox USA, with its rapid growth, doesn’t run into any legal or compliance issues.

“The most obvious requirement is the need to efficiently scale to handle the volume associated with our business growth,” McLaughlin said.

“We also need to transform our capabilities to address the evolving needs of our customers and the demands from regulators, which will only increase as our business expands,” he added.

“I am very fortunate to have joined a fast-growing, dynamic business at Hiscox USA,” he continued.

“For 2019, my priorities are really about working to continue our market success, while preparing us for what it takes to run a business of significant scale.” &

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