Deadline Extended: Submit a Proposal to Speak at National Comp 2021

National Comp's speaker proposal deadline has been extended through March 24. Submit a proposal today to be considered for our 2021 Conference program, presented this October in Las Vegas, Nev.
By: | March 10, 2021

National Comp — the National Workers’ Comp and Disability Conference — seeks to educate, and to elevate the workers’ compensation community through the exchange of ideas and strategies, and opportunities to network and engage with peers. Assuming all lights are green, that’s what we’ll be doing in Las Vegas on October 20-22.

And it’s not too late to be a part of it — the deadline for speaker proposals has been extended through March 24.

For 2021, we’re looking at the challenges employers are facing right now, and those that lie ahead — a mix of new or emerging issues, combined with the topics at the core of the day-to-day management of workers’ compensation programs.

The pandemic has impacted the industry in a myriad of ways, and our 2021 program will no doubt reflect that … COVID-19 has presented challenges and inspired innovations at multiple levels.

For speakers weaving these issues into session proposals, we urge you to emphasize the forward-looking aspects of the topic. Not just what  we learned from this, but also how we can apply these lessons to strengthen our programs for the duration of the pandemic period — and keep driving success long into the future.

Workers’ comp challenges, however, were an uphill climb long before the coronavirus entered the conversation, and our program will reflect that as well. Across session tracks, we’re seeking content that reflects the scope of those challenges throughout all facets of workers’ comp programs. Here’s a refresher on National Comp’s recently realigned educational tracks:

Added in 2020:

Injury Prevention. Of course, the best claim is the one that never happens. Nationwide, employers are making great strides in reducing injury frequency, but new risks are emerging. In order to keep moving the needle, they need the freshest ideas on mitigating injury risks, fostering a strong safety culture, measuring results and getting the executive buy-in they need to support their efforts.

Steal These Ideas! Inspired by our popular presentation of Teddy Award-winning workers’ comp programs, this track will feature employer-focused real-world solutions being put in practice right now and achieving measurable results, with peer-to-peer guidance on lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.

Insurance/Risk Finance. With the growing complexity of workers’ compensation risk exposures, employers can’t rely on cookie-cutter solutions to manage their insurance needs. We seek presentations highlighting ways employers can more effectively partner with brokers and insurers to enhance their risk mitigation as well as leverage the best risk transfer strategies to meet their needs.

Career and Industry. This hybrid track will include both topics about the workers’ comp industry and topics designed to elevate the professional success of those who work in it. On the industry side, what are the macro pressures impacting the workers’ comp industry, and what are their implications for the broader workers’ comp community? What are the trends that should be brought to table, and what action should be taken? On the career side, we seek educational presentations designed to provide attendees with the critical professional skills they need to advance and elevate their careers, become better communicators and problem solvers and take on larger leadership roles.

CompTalks. CompTalks are dynamic 15-minute solo presentations — TED Talk style, but for the workers’ comp industry. CompTalks are designed to create a platform for the issues and ideas that workers’ comp leaders are passionate about sharing with the broader community. Interested in submitting an idea? Check out our latest CompTalk to get an idea of what’s in store.

Returning Tracks:

Medical Management/Pharmaceuticals. Navigating a path to the best possible medical outcome isn’t always clear. Advanced diagnostics and treatments aren’t always well understood. Meanwhile, the evolving landscapes of pain management and specialty pharmaceuticals continue to leave the employer and payer communities with more questions than answers. Industry professionals need fresh ideas to help them secure high-quality care for injured workers, while also ensuring that care is appropriate for each individual and cost effective for the payer.

Legal/Regulatory. The legal and regulatory landscape impacting the workers’ comp industry seems to change by the hour, from pandemic safety compliance to the ongoing surge in paid-leave legislation and beyond. Workers’ comp professionals need innovative strategies for limiting current exposures and the latest intel on the trends that could impact them around the corner. We’re looking for content that meets these needs and can help employers get the most from their legal resources.

Claims/Return to Work. The goals are simple: administer benefits, get people better, get them back to work. But the roadmap to get there looks different for every organization. National Comp attendees are continuously looking to add to the arsenal of tools and strategies to eliminate the obstacles that can delay or halt recovery and return to work, including biopsychosocial issues, provider communication gaps and worker education. Whether injuries are common or catastrophic, medical only or permanently disabling, payers and employers need up-to-date intelligence on the best way to get injured or disabled workers back on the job and back to their lives.

Reviewers will evaluate all proposals based on overall quality, relevance to the industry, defined focus within the educational track structure, practical applications of material for attendees, timeliness of the topic and speakers’ qualifications.

Learn more about National Comp’s 2021 program, and submit a proposal to speak at our conference this October. &

Michelle Kerr is Workers' Compensation Editor and National Conference Chair for Risk & Insurance. She can be reached at [email protected]

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