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2014 Risk All Stars

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Jeff Driver: A Driven Visionary

Chief Risk Officer, Stanford University Medical Center

Jeff Driver’s efforts ensure consistent risk management throughout the Stanford University Medical Center and its Accountable Care Organizations.

Leslie Lamb: Cross Talk (+Responsibility Leader)

Director of Global Risk & Resiliency Management, Cisco Systems

Leslie Lamb started off a dialogue within Cisco Systems about exposures that helped mitigate risk while better informing underwriters and brokers.

Zachary Gifford: Finding the Balance

Associate Director for Systemwide Risk Management, The California State University

Protecting the California University System from risks associated with campus sports clubs took Zachary Gifford’s leadership and collaboration.

Thomas Dunbar: Protecting His Company

Chief Information Risk Officer, XL Group plc

By using cyber security education and other tools, Thomas Dunbar reduces the risks at his company.


David Hershey: Standing up for Insureds (+Responsibility Leader)

Risk Manager, Sprague Operating Resources
(Axel Johnson Inc.)

David Hershey made sure that insurers for his company’s vendors and suppliers complied with notification requirements for when insurance was cancelled or not renewed.

Steve Stoeger-Moore: Alternative Vision Saves Millions (+Responsibility Leader)

President, Districts Mutual Insurance

By creating a mutual insurance company for 16 technical colleges, Steve Stoeger-Moore saved the group $10 million in premium over the past 10 years.

Janine Pitocco: Do It Safely or Don’t Do It

Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, FM Global

Janine Pitocco’s emphasis on safety and training programs has reduced the number of OSHA-reportable injuries by 70 percent.

Dan Holden: Doing More With Less (+Responsibility Leader)

Manager, Corporate Risk & Insurance, Daimler Trucks North America

When all risk management responsibilities landed on his sole shoulders, Dan Holden found a way to make it work, and saved his truck manufacturing company millions at the same time.
Chris Chathams and Letitia Estrada: Team Tackles Timber Safety Gaps (+Responsibility Leaders)

Chris Chathams, Safety Resource Director, TPMA

Latitia Estrada, Human Resource Generalist and Grant Coordinator, TPMA

The timber industry is inherently dangerous, but Chris Chathams and Letitia Estrada found a way to get funding and designed safety programs to make it safer.

Michael Gross: Ending Unnecessary Accidents

National Safety Director, Convergint Technologies

Stopping distracted driving meant establishing clear and actionable guidelines for disciplinary action when such events occurred.

Tim Davidson: No Injured Worker Left Behind

Assistant Vice President of Loss Prevention, Corporate Safety and Security Officer, IASIS Healthcare

By overhauling his company’s return-to-work program, Tim Davidson made it virtually impossible for an injured worker to fall through the cracks.

Dr. Frank Tomecek: Reducing Patient and Workers’ Comp Pain

Neurosurgeon, Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute

By using electrodiagnostic functional assessments to collect more data on muscle and nerve function, Dr. Frank Tomecek is reducing unnecessary surgery.

Richard Pcihoda: Crisis Management Coordination (+Responsibility Leader)

Director of Risk Management, PREIT Services LLC

By his actions both before and after Hurricane Sandy, Richard Pcihoda successfully mitigated the damaging impact of Superstorm Sandy.

Elizabeth Ruff: Simply Peerless

Human Resources Generalist, Peerless Industrial Group

Elizabeth Ruff has developed a reputation as a “difference-maker.” It began with wrestling an unruly lost-time culture to the ground.

Patty Hostine: Vocal Rehabilitation Success (+Responsibility Leader)

Manager, Workers’ Compensation, Cooper Standard Automotive

Taking cues from her vocational rehabilitation background, Patty Hostine kept injured workers on the job and kept the company from drowning in claims costs.


350px_allstarRisk All Stars stand out from their peers by overcoming challenges through exceptional problem solving, creativity, perseverance and/or passion.

Responsibility Leaders overcome obstacles by doing the right thing over the easy thing to find  practical solutions that benefit their co-workers and community.

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