Bardavon Health’s Dorothy Riviere Dishes on Physical Therapy Trends in Workers’ Comp

At RIMS 2022, Dorothy Riviere, chief clinical officer of Bardavon Health, spoke about PT and pain management, and the need to better educate injured workers.
By: | May 26, 2022

Pain management is and always will be one of the core functions of workers’ compensation care. But how we approach and treat pain has evolved in a myriad of ways, including the strategic application of physical therapy.

Risk & Insurance® sat down with Dorothy Riviere, chief clinical officer of Bardavon Health, at RIMS 2022 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, to talk about the connection between pain and PT, Bardavon’s latest documentation system for providers, the need for early intervention, the impacts of opioids and cannabis on claims, and how physical therapists play a key role in helping injured workers help themselves.

“It’s amazing how much we now know about [the impact of] educating people that pain is normal,” said Riviere. “Pain is okay after surgery, it’s expected. And it’s okay and safe to move even though it might hurt … We’re going to ensure that you’re not going too far, and also here’s how you handle that at home.

“Those types of things, they’re very simple, and [can help] a person confidently navigate and understand how they can move safely on their own. That improves their recovery and decreases their risk of chronic pain. Therapy providers can offer that education and it’s very empowering.

“That’s part of why I love the physical rehabilitation profession,” she added. “Our job isn’t to prescribe a medication, our job is to teach an individual how do they take care of themselves, how can they move better, interpret their pain better, perform tasks with better mechanics, so that they decrease risk. Empowering a person to take care of themselves physically helps them engage in life for as long as they want to be active which we hope is forever.”

The full interview with Riviere and Michelle Kerr, workers’ compensation editor and national conference chair, is available below. &

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