Lockton Broker Mark Nieman Recognized as a 2023 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Mark Nieman, Senior Vice President, Unit Manager, Lockton

Mark Nieman, ARM
Senior Vice President, Unit Manager
Lockton, Los Angeles

For one group of nonprofits that bundled their risks together in a Bermuda-based captive, broker Mark Nieman has proven himself a key advisor. He works closely with the captive’s risk management committee to develop uniform safety guidelines, reducing each company’s individual risk for everyone’s benefit.

“He understands our different operations,” one member of the captive said. “He’s been a really good advocate for us.”

For non-captive clients, Nieman’s negotiation skills are a key asset. He stays in touch with clients throughout the year, working with them on their claims reviews so he has a deep understanding of the program. Then, when he talks with underwriters, he makes the best possible pitch and strives to find a solution that is right for both insurer and insured.

“We experienced a rate decrease thanks to Mark,” a client said. “He engages with us on our claims reviews … He stays in the mix, so that he knows what’s going on from a claims standpoint on workers’ comp, and that way, he’s better able to service our account.”

Others appreciated Nieman’s strong relationships with carriers. When it’s time for a renewal, his industry connections have helped get them in front of underwriters so they can detail what they’re doing to keep their employees safe and keep workers’ comp spend low.

“We’re not just a paper submission,” a client said. “Not only is Mark a good advocate, but he also allows us to get in front of the underwriters so we can explain what we’re doing from a risk management and safety claims management standpoint.”

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