IMA Financial Group Broker Debbie Brailsford Recognized as a 2023 At Large Power Broker

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Debbie Brailsford, Vice President/Employee Benefits Consultant, IMA

Debbie Brailsford, REBC, RHU,
Vice President/Employee Benefits Consultant,
IMA, Springfield, Ore.

As the human resources manager for Metro Metals Northwest Inc., Beverly Jackson oversees health insurance benefits for the manufacturer’s roughly 450 employees in three states: Oregon, Washington and Colorado “That has been a problem for us,” said Jackson. “We could not offer the same benefits for all of our facilities.”

Or, at least, that was the case until Jackson called Debbie Brailsford, who came in and immediately negotiated lower rates. When open enrollment came around, Metro Metals could offer equal plans to employees at all its locations: “That’s just a huge benefit to us,” Jackson said. “To be able to standardize and offer the same benefits across the board for all your employees really just streamlines things.”

Another client relied on Brailsford to untangle billing issues in a self-insured dental program. “Deb had our back the whole way,” said Cathy Wilkins, owner of HR consulting firm Humans As A Resource. Wilkins attributed Brailsford’s success to her focus on relationships

“She knows the people who actually can get the results for us. I don·t have to go through 16 people. I’ll call Deb, and she’ll say, ‘Let me call Stacy’ and then the problem’s solved. That’s a huge saver of time.”

Brailsford is not afraid to stand firm when it comes to renewing policies, added client Lori Downen, controller for Shimadzu USA Manufacturing, which makes laboratory instruments. “They are some of the best renewals I have seen during a really difficult time,” Downen said of Brailsford’s work.

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