CAC Specialty Broker Michael Wakefield Recognized as a 2023 Specialty Power Broker

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Michael Wakefield, EVP & Transactional Insurance Practice Leader, CAC Specialty

Portrait of Michael Wakefield

Michael Wakefield
EVP & Transactional Insurance Practice Leader
CAC Specialty, Chattanooga, Tenn.

It was eight years ago that Michael Wakefield worked as in-house legal counsel for an insurance brokerage. At that time, he did not have a specific plan to become a transactional liability (TL) insurance broker, but it quickly became evident that more and more clients were demanding that specialty. So Wakefield became an expert in the TL sector, getting to know every insurance market in the space.

Eric Jesse, partner, Lowenstein Sandler, works with Wakefield several times a year on R&W insurance deals. As Jesse explained, many brokers often advocate too much for insurance companies (rather than the policyholder) and are not often willing to challenge insurers’ underwriting positions.

“But Michael is a constant advocate for our clients in trying to get them the best possible policy,” Jesse said. “This past year, in particular, I asked Michael to push back on exclusions that the insurer was proposing, and after numerous conversations with the underwriters, he was successful. And the client obtained a stronger insurance policy to their satisfaction.”

An investment advisor also worked with Wakefield in the midst of a very busy 2021 fourth quarter: “When many brokers were saying that they could not get R&W insurance carriers to bid on new transactions, Michael not only connected us with a carrier but also helped us complete a placement of coverage in 30 days [for] a business in Canada.”

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