Alliant Insurance Services Broker Emily Quinlan Recognized at a 2023 At Large Power Broker

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Emily Quinlan, Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Emily Quinlan,
Vice President,
Alliant Insurance Services, San Francisco

Climate change may be the single biggest risk impacting the wine sector, where it’s hard to secure full coverage at an affordable price.

That’s why Emily Quinlan came up with an alternative solution to the problem. She carried out comprehensive due diligence on property markets globally, then filed submissions to hundreds of insurers with a risk appetite for northern California property to see what coverage and terms were available.

In addition, Quinlan dialed into California State government calls addressing wildfires and property insurance. Armed with this information, she approached alternative risk transfer underwriters to see what coverage options were available, specifically looking at group captives as a solution.

After establishing a risk mitigation plan, Quinlan worked with California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and local fire departments to determine the free services provided to commercial clients. She also found the state’s budget allowed for wildfire preparedness and mitigation grants, which could be used to buy equipment to protect against a fire.

Off the back of her research and communications, she presented a group captive solution to her clients, identified the most effective risk control measures for obtaining insurance and placed effective and affordable coverage for this year.

“Emily handles each account as if she’s the owner of the company she is insuring,” said one client. “She believes that in order to be the best risk manager and secure the best coverage … she needs to know what her client’s biggest concerns are.”

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