Announcing the 2023 Teddy Award Winners

Another year brings us another set of exceptional workers' compensation programs to honor and emulate.
By: | August 9, 2023

The Teddy Award, established in 1994 by Risk & Insurance®, was named in honor of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, who introduced the first piece of significant workers’ compensation legislation in the U.S.

Since its inception, the Teddy Award has been given to dozens of workers’ compensation programs that exemplify what the industry is all about.

These companies do everything possible to protect their most valuable asset: their people. They strive daily to reduce workplace risk. When injuries do occur, Teddy Award-winning companies waste no time securing expert care for their workers, utilizing the systems and practices at play to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Four companies were chosen in this year’s contest, with two additional programs earning honorable mentions. See their profiles below and take some time to see what’s made them stand out among their peers.

The 2023 Teddy Award Winners


Lawn care company TruGreen has more than 200 branches nationwide. But TruGreen’s expertise doesn’t stop at keeping green things healthy; it has also made enormous strides building a best-in-class workers’ comp and injury prevention program for its 14,000 dedicated workers.

A worker walks along a girder suspended above a stadium construction siteJohnson Controls International

Anyone who has shepherded a merger understands the importance of company culture. When cultures gel, it can make operations run efficiently. That’s what happened when Johnson Controls merged with Tyco International in 2016 to form Johnson Controls International.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools employees participate in an outdoor fitness classMiami-Dade County Public Schools

They say mighty oaks from little acorns grow. For Miami-Dade County Public Schools, that acorn was the idea that the district’s on-site nurse was an underutilized resource. The mighty oak? A massive health and wellness program credited with saving several million dollars — and several lives.

UMASS Memorial Health

Paramedics race to answer the call medical emergency. But depending on the ambulance vehicle available, they may or may not have a stretcher with powered load capabilities on board. If they only have a manual stretcher, this could mean heavy lifting and injury. UMASS Memorial Health took a stand.

The 2023 Teddy Award Programs of Distinction

Risk & Insurance honors two additional employers for their exceptional efforts in driving continuous improvement and caring for injured workers. Read more about Health Care Facilities of Missouri and Professional Contract Services in the coming weeks.

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