Here’s Why Captive Leader Anne Marie Towle Is Finding Satisfaction at a Smaller Firm

Captive leader Anne Marie Towle sat down to discuss her new role at Hylant, her effective leadership role and the goals for her career at the captive practice.
By: | October 15, 2019

Anne Marie Towle has already established herself as a notable and appreciated presence within captive insurance.

Now, in her new role as global practice solutions business leader at Hylant, her leadership capabilities are speaking for themselves.

With over 25-years of industry experience, Towle is utilizing her accumulated expertise while also leading a talented team in providing best-in-class service for all Hylant clients.

“I have the opportunity to bring my experience to the client and continue to grow and provide customized solutions and grow the overall team,” Towle told Risk & Insurance® after her hiring in September.

R&I recently caught up with Towle to discuss how she is settling into her new role, how she will help expand Hylant’s captives practice and her goals for the future.

Risk & Insurance: First of all, how did you end up in the captive space?

Anne Marie Towle: Prior to joining Hylant, I spent quite a bit of time working for large brokerage organizations that have captive insurance as one of their initiatives and divisions. The last 12 years, I’ve been focused on the insurance consulting and contracting side, which is understanding the consulting and management of captives in coordination with the placement of business from both a commercial, retail and reinsurance perspective. Prior to that time, I spent a combination of 16 years in accounting.

Anne Marie Towle, global practice solutions business leader, Hylant

I’m a CPA. I did tax structuring work for insurance companies, specifically captives. That foundation and background, in my opinion, sky-rocketed my understanding. It allowed me to be able to interpret how to secure the balance sheet as companies are evaluating captives.

R&I: You’ve recently taken on the role of global practice solutions business leader at Hylant. What aspects of the job attracted you to this new role?

AMT: The aspect that Hylant is privately-held. I have worked for large, global organizations both in public accounting and with large global brokers.

Being with a privately held, family-owned company that is dedicated in the resources, time and energy put into this captives industry was very meaningful to me. Being a little bit smaller and more nimble was very important as I agreed to lead the global solutions team.

R&I: Where do you think you will be the most effective in this job?

AMT: My ability to lead and bring teams together. I’ve been in organizations where each functionality of captive insurance was fairly segregated and siloed.

My ability to truly cross over all of those different functionalities, including actuarial, risk analytics and captive consulting and accounting management, while having one seamless team working in coordination, helps us deliver best-in-class service to clients.

Leveraging from my strengths is the role that Hylant outlined for me, and I also outlined for myself as I was seeking to make the change.

R&I: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in this position?

AMT: We truly want to be able to deliver and capture market share where we feel some of our competitors are falling down. There are many great captive managers in the industry that handle the day-to-day accounting and manage the compliance regulatory process, but they fall down a little bit on the ongoing strategic advice and delivery.

That’s one of our main goals, to have a seamless team from the conception to maturity of a captive. We want to make sure that they have the proper resources throughout their entire experience with Hylant.

Being able to work with talented people with expertise in this area and not pushing it down to the lowest levels is a great asset.

R&I: What part of your role gives you the most satisfaction?

AMT: What I enjoy the most is being able to work together as a team and to build the relationships with our clients.

Also, taking care of our employees helps take care of our clients. If the employees are satisfied and have career satisfaction, they will effuse that energy with their clients and want to do best by them, along with themselves.

R&I: What do you think someone would be surprised to know about your job?

AMT: With my job, some people were surprised that I went to a privately held, smaller organization. What they’d be really surprised to know is that the caliber and number of middle market and large clients that Hylant serves is really incredible.

We have a global reach with their worldwide broker network, so I think there are some misconceptions. Hylant is in there and competing on Global 100 companies to middle market companies. It really runs the gamut, because they have the talent and expertise to deliver the services.

R&I: What is one thing you think people would be surprised to know about you?

AMT: My husband, family and I live on a lake in the Indianapolis area. My downtime is spent doing quite a bit of kayaking. Not many people would know that about me. It’s something I enjoy and it’s a stress reliever for me. &

Emily Spennato is a former staff writer with Risk & Insurance.

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