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Advice For Proposing NWC Session Topics And Speakers

By: | January 28, 2014

Roberto Ceniceros is a retired senior editor of Risk & Insurance® and the former chair of the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo. Read more of his columns and features.

Planning is heating up for the 23rd annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo.

ConferenceLast week, an LRP Publications planning group held a brainstorming session to discuss presentation topics and speaker selection for the conference, which will be held Nov. 19-21, in Las Vegas.

The brainstorming session resulted in potential conference topics, which are outlined below, as well as guidelines to assist those who are thinking of submitting speaking proposals. Since the proposals are due Feb. 5, we wanted to share these guidelines with you.

  • Consider the five session tracks below that the planning group selected for the conference and the potential topics under each. Focus on ways your speakers can bring expertise and insight to the topics.
  • Don’t be limited by these suggested session topics, however, because there may be great ideas the planning group failed to conjure up.
  • Avoid sales pitches or proposals featuring the head of product development, sales or marketing.
  • Review a past advisory which revealed a desire to include more employers sharing their workers comp strategies and effective processes in conference presentations.

We receive hundreds of proposals and can only include 30 in the conference program. In addition to the selected proposals, the conference planners also organize many sessions directly, so we are always on the lookout for great speakers.

Inevitably, several proposals focus on similar important topics. When we select a proposal to cover these topics, we look for the most compelling speakers or presentations. As mentioned above, employer participation is of great interest to us.

The planning group outlined these five session tracks and associated potential session topics:

Claims Solutions

  • Strategies for closing claims or reducing legacy claims.
  • Identifying key issues when settling cases.
  • Emerging issues or hot topics.
  • Various forms of fraud.
  • What claims adjusters need from employers.
  • Managing your claims adjuster or TPA, and how to improve your claims handling program.
  • Integrated claims management including the nurse and claims adjuster role.

Health/Medical Management

  • Innovations in medical management including procedures and drugs that drive costs.
  • Affordable Care Act – specific strategies companies can take to prepare including partnering with providers for worker care.
  • Medical treatment guidelines – what has changed? How are they being used to manage claims.
  • Top injuries in WC and best practices to treat them.
  • Nurse case management best practices.

Disability Management Solutions

  • Integrated disability management.
  • Pre-loss/post loss tie in medical monitoring with impact on comorbidities. How companies are doing it. Case studies and legal concerns.
  • Pre-employment physical ability testing without getting into legal trouble.
  • Return to work and safety prevention.
  • Provider strategies/pay for performance. Employer operational examples.
  • Return to work job modification.

Legal/Regulatory Solutions

  • Asbestos/mesothelioma claims, an emerging trend.
  • MSAs, the SMART Act

Program Management

  • Basic/101 intro sessions.
  • Risk Financing.
  • State of the market
  • High level safety/loss control.
  • Fleet programs including behavioral training.
  • Structuring your program.
  • Unbundling.
  • Self-insurance vs. high deductible.
  • Getting better outcomes for RFPs.
  • Vendor management.
  • Provider performance – ranking medical providers using outcome metrics.
  • Cultural change and how to achieve it.
  • Collateral issues.
  • Managing the RFP process for employers, carriers and TPAs.

Please feel free to contact me at (208) 286-1425 if you would like to discuss your ideas prior to submission. We are committed to working with you to create the best possible content for the attendees.

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