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Webinar – How to Maximize ROI in Your Cyber Risk Mitigation Efforts

Find the right balance between mitigating and transferring cyber risk to maximize ROI and validate your approach with the C-suites and the board of directors.
By: | April 6, 2016




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A survey of 248 risk managers from around the world reports that 65 percent include cyber security among their top five emerging risks (23 percent as their top emerging risk), and 15 percent identify cyber risk as the top current risk.

While insurance carriers are making more capital available to counter it, the amount of unknowns in cyber risk far outweigh the knowns; chiefly a lack of cyber-related loss history to determine adequate pricing. At the same time boards of directors are pressuring risk managers to buy cyber coverage.

A sound risk management approach involves investing the right amount in risk mitigation to secure your systems; while at the same time taking into account the capacity and limitations of cyber coverage.

This webinar will give risk managers insights to make better decisions when it comes to investing valuable resources in cyber risk mitigation, and an actuarial perspective on cyber coverage; i.e., when it’s appropriate to buy it and how much coverage should be sought.

An expert panel will discuss:

  • The history of cyber risk and the growing degree of concern it is creating for risk managers.
  • The importance of clear communication with your board of directors and C-suites on the unknowns in cyber insurance coverage; its benefits and its limitations.
  • Actuarial insights into the challenges faced by insurance carriers in underwriting cyber risks and how underwriters are arriving at insurance premiums.
  • Analyzing the costs and benefits of cyber risk mitigation and insurance coverage to improve the ROI.
  • Building the teamwork and stakeholder buy-in to adequately fund risk mitigation strategies and acquire insurance coverage as needed.

The Recording

Download a PDF slide deck of the presentation.

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

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