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Webinar: Foreign Acquisition Risks – Be Prepared

Learn about the best way to mitigate the risks of foreign acquisitions.
By: | May 7, 2014




Our increasingly global economy has forced the majority of organizations to look beyond their domestic borders for growth opportunities. But building a presence in a foreign market from scratch can take years. International acquisitions are the most effective way to ramp up a presence quickly, tapping into an existing network of clients and suppliers in a new market.

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Managing the risks of foreign acquisitions can be tricky business. Language barriers, cultural differences, local politics, technological incompatibilities and regulatory compliance issues can turn a lucrative deal into a disaster. The grim reality is that many mergers fail to deliver upon the goals they were intended to achieve.

Meticulous planning and preparation are the best way to mitigate the risks of foreign mergers and acquisitions. This webinar will focus on the challenges of entering new business climates and the communication strategies needed to help local stakeholders and newly acquired employees understand your corporate risk management philosophy.

In this webinar, sponsored by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, expert panelists will discuss these topics and issues related to foreign acquisitions:

  • Assessing cross-border uncertainties. A discussion of techniques or protocols for evaluating cross-border risk, pricing it and possibly transferring it.
  • The use of captives. The use of captives in managing foreign acquisition risk is attracting growing attention from the risk management community. This discussion will address which cross-border risks are best housed in captives and how those captives should be managed.
  • Problem venues. This aspect of the webinar will look at which venues, though attractive from a business opportunity standpoint, require extra vigilance on the part of risk managers.
  • Local paper. Local paper is a requirement in some geographies but not in others. The panelists will discuss the use of local paper and other insurance issues that business executives operating in foreign countries need to be aware of.


Download a copy of the slide presentation here.

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected].

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