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Technological Advances Are a Boon for Farmers, So Long As They Have The Right Insurance Partner

Innovative tools are helping farmers manage the unpredictability of both extreme and routine weather events.

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Farmers are up against tough challenges right now and many of the risks they face — from droughts or freezes to hailstorms — are unpredictable.

These losses can cause ripple effects in our economy. Crop losses can mean future food shortages, contributing to some of the supply chain issues and high food costs many are now experiencing.

Though these risks have long plagued farmers and insurance exists to address them, new technologies have the power to help better manage weather-related concerns. Tech tools like hail and freeze probability notifications that help farmers get ahead of events, can help increase crop yields and in some cases prevent insurance claims.

Unyielding climate change and more intense storms means food producers need to get these tools in play or face the consequences.

“​​If you aren’t investing in technology and staying ahead of the curve, you’re going to get left behind,” said Brock Maus, SVP – Information Technology, NAU Country, A QBE Insurance Company.

“​​We’re seeing a significantly faster pace of change, and there’s a wide range of solutions to help farmers keep up.”

Partnering with a strong crop insurance leader, like NAU Country, that has invested in tech tools is critical for farmers who are thinking about the future.

“If you look at the World Economic Forum studies, they say we are undergoing a fourth industrial revolution,” Maus said.

Maus states that NAU Country is well-positioned to be a relevant underwriter as that fourth wave unfolds.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being a service leader, and technology is a big part of providing value to our agents and policyholders,” Maus said.

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