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By: | January 13, 2023

Would you like to speak at National Comp 2023? The conference’s official Request for Proposals is now open!, and the deadline has been extended through February 20, 2023. There’s a lot in store for our 2023 program. Visit the conference website for the latest updates, and learn about our new program tracks and educational formats.

National Comp seeks presentations that offer practical solutions, thought-provoking conversations and real-world experience meeting the challenges we all face. The National Comp Advisory Committee gathered for a broad-ranging discussion on the topics that are top-of-mind for their own programs, and what they’d like to see on the 2023 conference program.

Here are some of the top highlights of that conversation.

The WC Ripple Effect of Labor Actions: Preventing Unexpected Claims and Claims Spikes

Mass layoffs are in the news across some industries — what can WC professionals do to prepare if bad news comes down the line?

Layoffs grab the headlines, but it’s important to note that any labor actions can potentially impact WC, from layoffs to reorganizations to relocations and more. Your response doesn’t have to be reactive — there are steps you can take to mitigate the level of WC claims and litigation that can often follow a drastic organizational change. Potential risks and proven strategies included.

Labor Conflict and Cooperation — Put Injured Workers’ Needs First

Labor unions can be friend or foe, it depends who you’re asking. This session takes a dive into the complexities or labor relationships, educating unions on RTW, what to know in the event of a potential strike, improving cooperation and understanding, preventing litigation and compliance risks, and more.

Recovery Isn’t One Size Fits All — How Do Design the Best RTW Plan?

What does successful return to work really looks like? Should you use a gradual return to work approach? Or it is better to go with a task-based, functional approach? More importantly, does it matter based on the type of injury?

Understand how small adjustments can matter, even coming back to work on a Wednesday rather than a Monday can make a significant difference in a successful outcome.

The mental health and wellbeing piece of return to work can’t be ignored. The condition of being off work can do more harm than healing for many injured workers. Suggest inclusion of available data sources on the significant correlation between the length lost-time and PTD.

Schedule 1 or No: Can We Finally Talk About Legal Cannabis?

Legalized recreational cannabis is now a reality for employers across 21 states. What is the real world perspective from the states who got there first? What do employers recently added to that list, and those next in line, need to know about workplace safety concerns, testing hurdles, alertness monitoring, employee education, written policies, litigation prevention and more.

Privacy Isn’t Just About HIPAA — Where Are the Risks for WC? 

Is the privacy question the elephant in the room? We all assume because it’s workers’ comp, that it’s not HIPAA, therefore you don’t worry about it. But every state has laws, rules and regulations beyond HIPAA that are essential to understand. This would be a comprehensive session on privacy in the workers’ comp arena.

Here’s a Little More Inspiration

Many other topics have piqued the committee’s interests, across all educational tracks, and we’re eager to hear your ideas. But here are some additional thoughts to spark your imagination on what you’d like to present at National Comp 2023. (Note: Titles are suggestions only and not required to be used for submissions.)

  • How Do We Establish Common, Measurable Goals?
  • The Very Real Risks of the Claims Adjustor Gap
  • Don’t Lose Your Way in the Maze of So-called ‘Zip Code Leaves Laws’
  • Wearables: Let’s Hear the Employers’ Takeaways
  • RTW Challenges post-COVID
  • Top 10 Most Recent Trends in Evidence-based Medicine
  • Insurtech in WC: Top 5 Misconceptions Explained  
  • Read and Interpret Actuarial Reports Like a Pro: Crash Course in What You Need to Know
  • Presumption Law Expansions – Where We Are, Where We’re Headed
  • Managing and Measuring Fatigue/Alertness in the Workplace
  • The Worst Claim You Ever Had, Post-Mortem: What Went Wrong, and What Changes Did It Inspire?
  • Long-Covid Claims Development: What Does the Picture Look Like Now?
  • It’s Not Just IT’s Problem Now: How Cyber Risk Can Hurt Your WC Program
  • The Care, Feeding and Effective Management of Vendors
  • What Makes Injured Workers Lawyer Up? Let’s Ask Their Attorneys

Don’t Wait!

National Comp 2023 will take place Sept. 20-22 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Deadline for proposals is February 20, 2023. Speakers will be notified by April 3, 2023. Visit the National Comp website for more program information and to view this year’s guidelines before you submit a proposal. &

Michelle Kerr is Workers’ Compensation Editor and National Conference Chair for Risk & Insurance. She can be reached at [email protected].

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