Opinion | It’s Time to Thank the Next Generation

By: | May 18, 2021

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected].

The human ego is fascinating. Those of us who are nearing retirement age might be thinking, “What will happen to insurance and risk management when I’m gone? Can I trust the next generation to carry on successfully?”

Not to worry; and remember, it was never all about you, anyway.

Welcome to the May issue of Risk & Insurance®, in which we feature our Rising Stars. These are the next generation of insurance brokering talent, all of them 2021 Power Broker® winners or finalists under the age of 40.

They’re so refreshing.

Here’s why I think they are something to celebrate.

One, they are already doing great things, taking on more responsibility and committing themselves to being great resources for their clients.

Two, they are, by the nature of their upbringing, going to be more sensitive to diversity and inclusion then previous generations.

That’s a big deal.

Three, their comfort with technology is going to help them, and their clients, go farther, faster.

As these Rising Stars mature and get better and better, we can expect their voices in the area of diversity and inclusion to become louder and firmer.

Lael Chappell, 37, director of insurance distribution at brokerage Attune and a 2021 At Large Power Broker, said it well when he spoke to staff writer Emma Brenner:

“This is such a huge opportunity to continue to bring in that diversity of thought and individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and genders and allowing them the opportunity to make that impact and drive change,” he said.

Agreed. &

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