Opinion | Celebrate Our Human Resilience Even in the Face of Cynicism and Strife

By: | August 24, 2021

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

Well here we are, everyone.

As this magazine’s August issue is posted, it has now been 18 months since in the confusion and fear of a global pandemic, we were sent home to work from our dining room tables (in many cases) and couches, or home offices, if we had them.

No one really knew what was coming. We can point fingers and second guess, but there is little value in that.

What we know is true is that science and the pharmaceutical makers stepped forward and delivered vaccines as quickly as they could.

Not to minimize the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in this country alone, but would you care to imagine how many more lives would have been lost had vaccines not been developed?

Cynicism rules too many of our days. Have we lost the ability to marvel at what we can accomplish, what we can all accomplish, if we work together?

Yes, tremendous losses were suffered and continue to be suffered in India and elsewhere. But yet here we are, those of us who survived, and thanks to human ingenuity, our economies are resurfacing and people once again embrace friends and relatives at neighborhood gatherings.

Resilience as we write about it in insurance and risk management is a crucial consideration.

I’d say celebrating it when it shows itself is equally important. Let’s not let cynicism rule us. Let’s celebrate the strides made and not only in this industry, but globally, in the face of a very stern test.

We are human. We are bound to fail. We are also capable of great deeds. Still are. Always will be. &

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