On Demand Webinar: The Future of Risk CEO Panel

During the virtual Future of Risk Conference several CEOs got together to discuss the future of the industry.
By: | April 23, 2020
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Change makers, leaders, crisis responders–– good CEOs and executives embody all of these roles. They’re the ones who push their industries forward with new ideas and they’re the ones we turn to for guidance when disaster strikes. 

Many employees turn to company leaders in the C-Suite to know not only what the next steps for the business are, but also how they should react in their daily lives.  

This is especially true of risk management and insurance executives. When a crisis hits a company, they turn to their carriers and risk managers for guidance on what losses will be covered and advice on how to prevent future losses from occurring. 

At the virtual Future of Risk conference, Miller spoke with a panel of CEOs, including Markham McKnight, president and CEO of BXS Insurance, Joan Lamm Tennat, CEO and founder of the startup Blue Marble Micro, Limited and Anthony J. Kuczinski, CPCU president and CEO of Munich Re US Holding, to discuss how they respond during uncertainty. 

The panel discussed everything from our recent COVID-19 pandemic to the future of the risk management and insurance industries as a whole.  

“Our goal in this event is to really make sure that you have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and to really talk about the direction of the industry and where it’s going to go,” Miller said. 

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