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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Cutting Edge Tools Making Impacts in Complex Rehabilitation Technology Today

Performance and connectivity advancements promise to elevate the level of service provided in the field of Complex Rehabilitation Technology. Register for this webinar to learn firsthand from practitioners about which technologies will produce best in class results for a sector of the injured workforce that needs it most.
By: | September 2, 2021


Webinar Description

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As technology, and what we specifically refer to as Insurtech, make strides in commercial insurance in general, evolution is also occurring in the subset of workers’ compensation. This webinar, sponsored by HOMELINK, will specifically examine which technologies are making a difference in Complex Rehabilitation Technology, (CRT).

Connected chairs, telehealth, remote service and technician certification are all game changers in how service providers are treating this vital part of the workers’ compensation universe.  Understanding these advancements and hearing firsthand from practitioners will give claims and medical management organizations a competitive advantage, and most importantly provide best-in-class service to an injured worker population that inarguably needs it most.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Medical Management Executives
  • Risk Managers
  • Claims Managers
  • TPA Executives
  • Workers’ Compensation Carriers

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